We've already talked about the boys of K-Pop who aren't afraid of a little color in their hair, so now it's time for the ladies! Here are some of the gorgeous girls of K-Pop who rock bright, beautiful hair!

1. Hyoyeon's rainbow hair

Rainbow hair can be completely amazing when it's done right, and Hyoyeon is totally working it!

2. Krystal's hot pink/red hair

Krystal and her hot pink hair are flawless and fierce! If only us mere mortals could pull off this look.

3. G.Na's dip-dyed look

The two colors work so well together and her haircut is perfect to pair with her red dip-dyed ends!

4. Sunmi's light pink bob

Sunmi's short hair is adorable, and the fact that it's also pink just makes her even more awesome.

5. Dara's bleached blonde look

Dara's blonde hair in the "Falling in Love" MV is too perfect! Her blonde locks look gorgeous and simple.

6. Hyomin's pink and orange hair

There are a lot of pink hairstyles on this list, but at least they are all different shades of pink! The orange and the pink compliment each other and create such a unique and pretty look!

7. Jieun's blue hair

Jieun's blue/green hair is just adorable! If you want to see her hair even more blue, check out her video for the song "Going Crazy."

And lastly, Suzy's blue hair [fan edited]

Okay so this last one isn't a real picture, but wouldn't Suzy look so cute with this color hair! The original picture is below.

So those are only some of the gorgeous K-Pop ladies with awesomely colorful hair. Comment below with your other favorite K-Pop hair styles!