You gotta love them... even if you kind of hate them... those catchy Kdrama theme songs that just never leave you! Before you know it, they've got you singing in the shower and humming unconsciously to the annoyance of those around you. They even appear in your dreams at night! Even if you don't understand the Korean words, you can just FEEL the deep meaning of the music, you know? And it only gets worse when you're in drama marathon mode. Here are the top 7 Kdrama theme songs that we simply can't get out of our heads.

1. The Master's Sun- 'Touch Love' by Yoonmirae

This may be my all time favorite Kdrama song! It kind of gives me shivers with how romantic it is. I can't get it out of my head, and I don't want to!

2. Lie To Me- 'Lovin' Ice Cream' by As One ft. EZ-Life

This song takes place at one of the cutest moments of this drama, and that's the main reason it has me playing it on repeat. Sure it's a wee bit annoying, but also really cute. I can't resist!

3. Scent of a Woman- 'You Are So Beautiful' by Junsu

This song is featured so many times, that it gets ingrained into your psyche. I don't usually love ballads, but it is beautiful and the artist was actually featured in a scene of the drama.

4. Coffee Prince- 'LaLaLa' by The Melody

Because this it the actual title song, and Coffee Prince is my favorite drama in the world, every time I hear it I get all nostalgic. Despite the fact that it's actually a little irritating, I can look past that because I have such an emotional attachment to the show. I dare you to listen to it once and not have it stuck your head for three days!

5. I Hear Your Voice- 'Every Single Day' by Echo

Deullyeooooo, Deullyeoooooooo! Bet you can't hear the chorus of this song and not sing along! Not to mention the build up of emotions at the intro. So good!

6. Dream High- 'Love High' by the cast

This song nearly became my ringtone, but then I realized that if it were, then I'd have Love High stuck in my head Every. Single. Day. I still play it when I feel down because it's an instant mood lifter.

7. Boys Over Flowers- 'Almost Paradise'

As I mentioned in my article about things that happened in Boys Over Flowers that should definitely happen in Heirs, having the song Almost Paradise as the rich boy anthem was a great move. It's so ridiculous, but because it's so catchy it has become iconic. Plus, I associate it with hot flower boys, so you can't go wrong there.

Can't help but love Kdrama OST's! What other songs can't you get out of your head? Comment below!