First love is a tricky concept to define, let alone have it come true! But these seven Korean celebrities claim they have met and married their first love—in other words, the love of their lives. Let’s see who they are!

1. Cha Tae Hyun

“It has been my life goal to marry Seok Eun since the first day we met,” said actor Cha Tae Hyun, who recently doubled as a director in The Best Hit. “As I’ve said on air, she’s considerate and makes me feel comfortable.”

In 2006, Cha Tae Hyun married composer Choi Seok Eun, whom he has dated for 13 years since high school. Choi composed the title tracks of Cha’s first (2001) and second (2003) albums.

2. Jung Suk Won

Jung Seok Won’s crush for Baek Ji Young started when he saw her on TV during high school. After Jung debuted, Baek said on TV that he was her ideal type!

When the couple started dating in 2010, Baek worried the dating news might hurt his career because he was a new face.

The now married couple is welcoming a child next month!

3. Jin Goo

“After the first date, I had a feeling I’d marry her,“ the Descendants of the Sun actor said on talk show Happy Together. He wrote a song for marriage proposal even before they officially started dating!

On Infinity Challenge in December 2013, he said, “I’m in love with someone.” The following year, Jin Goo married his fiancée.

4. HaHa

Running Man’s Haha had been pursuing singer Byul since she debuted in 2002. He followed after her, saying, “Let’s get married.” Then after a break of four years, he texted out of the blue “I like you,” which helped them get back together and marry!

Byul gave birth to their second child in April.

5. Choo Sung Hoon

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t first love that Choo Sung Hoon and Yano Shiho shared, but it’s worth noting that they pursued each other simultaneously before meeting in person.

Mixed martial artist Choo Sung Hoon has been a fan of model Yano Shiho. Shiho, who saw Choo fighting on TV, instantly fell for him and pulled some strings to meet him. Two weeks after the first date, they started dating.

This cute couple has starred in the variety show The Return of Superman with adorable daughter Choo Sarang.

6. Lee Hoon 

When actor Lee Hoon was in seventh grade, he had a crush on his wife, who was two years older. They started dating in 1993 when Lee Hoon was a college freshman and married after dating for six years.

7. Jung Dong Ha

Singer Jung Dong Ha married his first love in 2014. The couple met in college and dated for eight years before tying the knot.


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