Did you know Ku Hye Sun could've debuted as a 2NE1 member before she got big as an actor? Park Bo Gum was a hopeless singer-songwriter before launching his acting career. What's more? Won Bin almost became a member of H.O.T! Scroll down and reveal seven celebrities who almost got their start as K-pop stars!

Ku Hye Sun

Ku Hye Sun got her start as a K-pop idol trainee at SM Entertainment. At YG Entertainment, she prepared to debut as part of a girl group, which means she could’ve been a 2NE1 member!

Park Bo Gum

When Park Bo Gum was in high school, this singer-songwriter wannabe sent his demo CDs to SM, YG, and JYP Entertainment. He was received well in all three places! But he decided to become an actor when his agency rooted for it instead of singing. He sang the OST of his latest drama!

Won Bin

Before Won Bin got his start as an actor, Won Bin had wanted to become a singer. He auditioned at SM Entertainment for a position at H.O.T., the first generation K-pop group. He didn’t pass, because they were looking for someone who looked powerful, strong, and fierce for H.O.T.

Lee Jung Suk

This model-turned-actor had a brief stint as an idol trainee. Realizing his heart was in acting, not modeling, Lee Jong Suk changes agency in 2007. Unlike his expectations, the new agency only trained K-pop idols. He was put into a boy band in training. He hated curriculum and had much miscommunication with the other members, which led him to find another agency.

Kim Seon Ah

Boy band g.o.d, which was super popular back in the days, might’ve had a female member, Kim Seon Ah! “g.o.d was going to debut as god6, but we changed the name to g.o.d,” leader Park Joon Hyung explained. “Kim Seon Ah was a great singer. We could’ve become idol stars together. She was better at acting though. She perused what she liked better.”

Park Shin Hye

At an early age, Park Shin Hye prepared to become a singer under popular singer Lee Seung Hwan at his agency, Dream Factory. Her goal was to become the BoA of Dream Factory! She studies acting to improve her emotional edge and realizes that she’s pretty good at it. At the age of 16, she lands a role in Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo’s Stairway to Heaven. She deserts the singer route to become an actor, and the rest is history!

Min Hyo Rin

BigBang Taeyang’s girl Min Hyo Rin didn’t attend her high school graduation to audition for JYP. Her parents hated it and asked her to commute long hours to the JYP training center! “I think they thought I’d give up (my dream) that way,” Min Hyo Rin recalled in Unni’s Slam Dunk. I commuted 2-3 times a week. It was 4 in the morning when I returned home to Daegu after practice (in Seoul). I cried a lot while commuting alone. I realized it’d be impossible to continue and quit training.”

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