Korean dramas always makes me wonder, "Why am I not wearing that, why am I not doing that, why am I not feeling anything like that?!" Why is my daily life not doused in that Korean drama "glitter" that's sprinkled onto every convoluted, insidiously addictive Korean drama story line. WAE?! Well, it may be because I seriously lack Kdrama style. So from my lips to the Kdrama gods' ears, here are a few of the Korean drama styles that I wish I could rock immediately! Balli!


Actually, the whole spa culture in general. I am all about it and wish we would hurry up and get at this style real quick. I want to wear that fly short set, I want to crack hard boiled eggs on my forehead, I want to configure my towel into that Princess Leia, circa 1977, Star Wars double bun on the sides dohickey, and I want to get a bath while I'm doing it! Toma!


So I had to check with some fashionista friends of mine just to make sure we weren't already rocking this look. And, seriously much to my surprise, what the what, we are not?! Well I believe we absolutely should. Maybe it's the awesome gender bending that it inevitably leads to, or the magical transformation from "plain jane" to "white hot sexiness" that that cut and a little mascara seem to miraculously create, or maybe it's the unisexy factor.

I'm not quite sure what it is, but whatever it is, I definitely want it in my life pronto!


There's nothing that says "Saranghae" more than proudly rocking a double dose of leopard print harem pants. But be careful...While this look is good,

This look not so much...

For obvious reasons, right?


I can't front, ever since my first Kdrama I have had "pretty skin" envy, so I am already deep into the whole mask culture. Now if only I had a boo...and a boo who'd be into it...and a boo who looks like Song Sueng Heon ahhh...

Even in a mask...still pretty


After a few dramas you get used to the cool lingo that pops out of Kdrama's prettiest mouths. And given the opportunity I would definitely wear those phrases out! And this is how I'd do it. *dope phrases in bold*

  • Pretty Him: I really dig you.

    Pretty Me: Umm don't dig me, I'm not confident.

    Pretty Him: But I REALLY dig you.

    Pretty Me: Ughh seriously stop it, I don't see you as a man.

    Pretty Him: Come on, you know you like me.

  • Pretty Me: What, do you think I'm easy?

    Then Pretty Him would finally win me over because he would be Pretty Lee Min Ho and I would give up and finally marry him. Then Pretty Lee Min Ho would suddenly regret it and try to leave me. And I would say, "Ya! Do you want to die?!"

  • He would be sad and start to cry and I would laugh and say, "Don't cry Lee Min Ho consider it your fate. You just met the wrong woman!" Hizzah!


    I know other things are sold under this tent, but to me it will always be "the soju tent". I REALLY don't know why we are not doing this one, come on! Eating delicious food and drinking soju under an orange tarped portable restaurant, are you friggin' kidding me, how awesome is that? Add to that the inevitability of the person you love (maybe Lee Min Ho or Song Seung Heon) passing by and noticing you in your stupor, joining you for a quick shot, and effortlessly setting up my absolute favorite number one Korean drama style thing I so totally wish we would rock right now...


  • Yes, yes, yes! Now I've heard there's some grumbling about this one in the community. Yup, I heard the people are trying to be tired of the piggy back ride. Well I am sorry people, maybe I came late to the party but for this chick right here, the piggy back ride is boss f'real. I mean what could be better? The back hug? Yeah, that's kinda cool. The wrist grab, full body twirling embrace? Okay that's a wee bit awesome. But the appeal and allure of the infamous piggy back ride, whether up a long winding road or incarnated as a mad dash to the nearest pharmacy, is hands down love supreme! And I'm so serious, before I check out I'm either getting one of those bad boys or giving one, you decide Lee Min Ho and Song Seung Heon. I can either forget how to walk in high heels, or I can get you drunk under a soju tent, but it's going to happen unless...Ya! You wanna die?!

    So please Kdrama gods (rubbing hands together, beggar status - - oh! number eight!) I've been good all year long so let me have a little Kdrama whacky style in my life, I promise to enjoy it fully.

    So what about you? What Kdrama styles do you wanna rock right now (always reminds me of Rob Base)? Leave your wishes and comments below, and until until...latah Kdram gatahs!

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