Bollywood, India’s main film industry, is the largest film industry in the world, with more people tuning in than even Hollywood. But one thing fans might not know is that one of Bollywood's biggest inspirations is Korea. So for your cross-cultural viewing, here are 7 Korean films that were remade in India.

1) The Man From Nowhere became Rocky Handsome

Released just last month, Rocky Handsome is an official remake of the action classic The Man From Nowhere. It stars a man with a mysterious past who works as a pawnshop attendant and forms a relationship with a girl whose mother is a neglectful drug addict. When the mother is killed and the daughter kidnapped, the man tries to save her. We learn the man cares so much because his own wife and child were killed, and that he used to be an agent. Yes, you’ve heard of this story before. Lead actor John Abraham is not as ridiculously awesome in his performance as Won Bin, but he has the better muscles.

2) I Saw the Devil became Ek Villain

A woman is killed by a psychopathic maniac while she is talking to her fiancé/husband over the phone. The fiancé/husband then finds out just how far over the edge he will go to find, creatively torture, and kill that maniac. And before you ask, no, I am not talking just about Choi Min Sik's masterful performance. The remake isn't ask darkly violent as the original--although it has some decent song numbers and an interesting look in the mind of a serial killer. And also before you ask, the Indian filmmakers deny any resemblance to I Saw the Devil.

3) Oldboy became Zinda

An example of taking a little too much inspiration without permission, a man is captured, seemingly without reason, and kept locked in a prison for over a decade. When he comes out, he meets a woman who helps him find the evil mastermind who did this to him. How surprised is he when he learns that this was punishment for an evil he committed long ago. Zinda is not philosophically inclined as the Korean original, which in turn is a lot more philosophically inclined than the Japanese manga, so it's tough to say which is truer to tone of the original. And, interestingly, the director received quite some flack for this copy.

4) Seven Days became Jazbaa

You may remember the stunning Indian lead from Bride and Prejudice or that horrible Pink Panther movie. That lead is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, at one time rated the most beautiful woman in the world. You may also remember that she is a confident performer who looks rather serene on screen. What you may not remember is that her latest film is a little bit (read: a lot) like Seven Days, where the lead, played awesomely by Harmony’s Yunjin Kim, is an uber-talented lawyer who has seven days to find the people holding her daughter captive, who want her to save an awful criminal from getting the chair in return for her safety. Even the dresses are very similar.

5) My Sassy Girl became Ugly Aur Pagli

Engineering student meets drunk girl who makes him do crazy things for love. Yes, they're both even studying engineering. Bonus question with surprising twist though: guess which of the two actresses has worked with Jackie Chan?

6) The Chaser became Murder 2

A corrupt former cop (originally the awesome Kim Yoon Seok) highlights as a pimp. His business has suddenly come under fire because his prostitutes are mysteriously disappearing, courtesy of yet another psychopathic killer. The new filmmakers made an important edit and added a female that the lead actually liked--but both these guys, regardless of country, are pretty awful human beings.

7) A Bittersweet Life became Awarapan

A mobster tasked with shadowing the mistress of his boss ultimately decides to save her. It doesn't make a lot of sense, until you see the turmoil within the character, portrayed flawlessly by Lee Byung Hun. The Indian remake makes a change and explores more of the character's background, but it's not as impactful a performance. On the plus side, though, the Indian version has a possibly cooler villain.

So that's our list! Do you know of any other movies that can be found in remake-land, maybe in other parts of the world? And do you plan on watching these creations? Sound off in the comments below and for all your news needs, be sure to follow Dramafever on Twitter!


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