We’ve already seen how K-drama doctors are so good-looking they make us want to get sick just to get a visit. Well, turns out Korean film secret agents are so ridiculously cool and handsome we want to see how awesome it would be if they saved us. Here are 7 Korean film secret agents we would gladly get kidnapped for.

1) Won Bin in The Man From Nowhere

His hair may be a bit unruly, but don’t let his silent demeanor fool you. The Autumn in My Heart actor plays a man who cares for those close to him. When his adorable neighbor is kidnapped, he takes out half the Korean underworld to get her back.

2) Gong Yoo in The Suspect

The Coffee Prince alum doesn’t hate working for the most brutal hit squad in the world. But when they kill his wife and take his daughter, he shows them what it means to be an agent. And looks mighty cool doing so.

3) Ha Jung Woo in The Berlin File

If you’re going to back stab someone you’ve trained as a deadly agent, prepare for some fightback. The H.I.T. star doesn’t say a lot but, when you can kick all kinds of ass without breaking a sweat, who wants to waste time with words?

4) T.O.P in Commitment

If T.O.P. took his training from those days in IRIS and started fighting back against the anti-music government bots in “Fantastic Baby,” this is what it would look like. And if you ever thought K-pop stars wouldn’t make convincing secret agents, you need to watch this movie.

5) Lee Sun Gyun in A Hard Day

Okay, he’s kind of evil. And corrupt. And would probably never save your life. And not really a secret agent. But the guy the Miss Korea alum is fighting is also pretty evil so give him some credit. And when both of them have to hide how evil they are so no one catches them, isn’t that like a “spy versus spy” situation, anyway?

6) Park Seo Joon in The Chronicles of Evil

The guy he looks up to as a mentor is pretty awful. He fakes evidence, kills suspects and is right now busy covering up a pretty nasty murder mystery. But is our baby-faced rookie cop from Kill Me, Heal Me really as handsome and innocent as he looks? (Hint: one of those is true).

7) Lee Jung Jae in New World

Going undercover as a criminal is tough. Going undercover as a criminal to betray a ruthless crime lord is even tougher. Going undercover to betray a ruthless crime lord who loves you like a brother is the toughest. But you have to admit the moral turmoil makes this Triple star look all the more awesome.

So what other Korean film agents would you want on the job if you ever needed help? Sound off in the comments below! And for all your news needs, be sure to follow DramaFever on Twitter and Facebook!


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