Do you watch K-dramas to the point that you are convinced, when watching Oh My Venus for instance, that you can probably carry on a two-minute conversation with So Ji Sub? One way to sound like a native and impress your Korean friends is to sprinkle your sentences with Korean neologisms. Neologisms, or new words, are being invented continuously. Some fade away but others stay in the loop long enough to eventually get picked up by dictionaries. Here are the seven Korean words that will make you sound like a native from Dom & Hyo

1. 맛집 (maht-jip)

2. 센스쟁이 (sense-uh-jaeng-ee)

3. 불금 (bool-geum)

4. 칼퇴근 (kal-tweh-geun)

5. 꿀맛이야 (ggul-mah-shi-ya)

6. 열 받아 (yeol bahd-ah)

7. 허세 (heo-seh)

Dom and Hyo of the eponymous “Korean made fun and easy” website Dom & Hyo give these tips for picking up the language: “Talk with a lot of native Koreans,” Hyo of Dom & Hyo says. “If you watch K-dramas or listen to K-pop, mouth the words as often as possible to get it to sound the same as what you are listening to. It takes some practice, but it works. Also stop using romanization! It really doesn't help you pronounce words correctly.”

And you can watch Return of Superman, the best show to pick up the language and aww at adorable babies!

In addition to these seven words, Dom and Hyo picked 꿀잼 (ggul-jam) as their favorite neologism, which means "very funny" with the word "honey" as a stressor. Be sure to check out which houses more cute graphics about learning Korean.

How many of these seven words did you already know? Tell us in the comments below!

Images courtesy of Dom & Hyo.