As indicated in our recent article about Yoon Eun Hye, it's pretty exciting that she has a new drama airing. In case you missed the first two episodes of her time travel drama Marry Him If You Dare, here’s yet another reason to watch (as if you needed more): It’s educational! Here are just a few important life lessons that I learned from the first episodes:

1.If you have the chance to time travel to your past self, your first order of business should be teaching him or her how to win talent shows.

Lottery numbers? No. Big sporting event upsets? Nah. When you meet your past self, you’ll finally gain the know-how you need to carry out your lifelong dreams of dancing onstage in a sequined costume.

2. GPS really is out to get you.

I always suspected this, but now I have the proof. Did you see that genie taunting Mi Rae? This explains so many experiences in my life where the calm voice said, “Turn right. Turn right” as I shouted, “THERE IS NO RIGHT! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?”

3.Jung Yong Hwa possesses the powers of invisibility.

Seriously, how else do you explain that people consistently walk past his characters without seeing him? With a face like that? Impossible! Cough up your secrets, Yong Hwa!

4.Leather is big in the future.

Fashion designers, take note. If you want to be ahead of the curve, just stick with leather. 30 years from now, that's all the old ladies will be wearing. Also, time travel physicists need a big clock and a cave. I don't know what to do from there, but it's a start!

5.Nothing sparks “love at first sight” like getting naked.

“I fell in love at first sight. Because of water.” Suuuuuuuuure you did. And the fact that the girl IN the water tossed her weird poncho to the side before romping around with Nemo like a mystical mermaid had absolutely nothing to do with it, right?

6.Driving without a license is the moral equivalent of murder.

It’s not like his license was even suspended or anything—he seriously just forgot to renew it, and somehow it’s serious blackmail material. If I knew the bar for blackmailing was this low, I would have started years ago!

7.You’re best off dating “E” level matches.

Single ladies take note. If you want a great catch, start at the bottom of the social ladder.

See? So helpful! But seriously, the first two episodes of Marry Him If You Dare were pretty intriguing, so check it out HERE!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her Kdrama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.