20130225001386_1 In the midst of a sexual assault lawsuit, it was reported that actor Park Shi Hoo allegedly accepted a high-end designer brand gift from his fans.  According to enews24 on the 27th, images proving fans deposited money into Park’s account surfaced online including on Park’s fansite and DC Inside. Based on one particular image that was posted by a fan, about 7.8 million won was deposited into an account registered to Park Pyung Ho, which is Park’s legal name.  It was reported that the amount was a birthday gift for Park and was used to purchase a designer brand chain necklace. The total amount deposited matched the cost of the necklace, which to some "proves" the speculation. At the time the decision was made, fans posted “[Park] is uncomfortable with accepting the money,” and “Why don’t we donate the money instead” but the forum moderator deleted such messages and minimized controversy. One fan informed that “Park’s mother and younger brother are practically Park’s managers, and so were in frequent contact with his fans. They probably considered it the same as any other gift Park had received from his fans.” With the unfolding of recent events, fans have expressed on Park’s fansite that they regret having gifted such pricey gifts to him in the past. Park’s fans have also claimed that his mother sent fans a list of gifts for Park.  One fan claimed that Park’s mother ordered fans to get Park a birthday gift each year including a massage chair, large television, oxygen concentrator, as well as a white gold necklace. The fan also reported that “Park has a brother who works for an insurance company and they threw a birthday party for Park where they only invited the fans who had signed up for an insurance policy with his brother.”