It's that time of year again when everyone's looking to improve their lives. Need a couple ideas? Here are 7 New Year's resolutions to keep your K-drama life on track...

1. GET A BETTER WORK/LIFE BALANCE - Stop binge watching Korean drama for hours until the sun comes up.

Ever had those nights where you stay up watching those last couple of episodes of a drama (really, the last half of the drama) only to realize that it's already 6AM and you started at like 11PM? Oops. And I KNOW I'm not the only one who does this.

Want to know why it's bad?
You're tired and sleep deprived.
You're emotionally lost because you don't know what drama to watch next.
Your skin probably is sallow and oily after a whole night of watching dramas. Probably dried out too because you were crying (I'm looking at you, melodramas.)
Bloodshot eyes from staring at a screen all night.
Puffy face, courtesy of those late night snacks.

SOLUTION: Moderation is key. Limit yourself to one (or two… or three) episodes a day. Maybe one a week? Then you can balance out the rest of your life as well and prevent these huge emotional roller coasters that happen over the course of that drama.

2. EXPLORE MORE - Branch out and try new dramas

I know that I usually get stuck in a rut when it comes to drama genres. I either stick to dramas with the same actor/actress, ones that have the same theme as the last drama I watched, or ones that are within the same genre.

Studies have shown that variety is good for your brain, and it's always good to take yourself out of your comfort zone, so why not try new dramas? Try a Japanese drama, a Taiwanese drama, or even venture into Europe with a Spanish drama! Or, if you're not that brave and daring, just try a drama in a different genre (i.e. if you are a rabid melodrama fan, try romantic comedies! If you stick to romantic comedies, try an action packed thriller, you get my drift).

Watch: A shy, nerdy young woman wakes up in the bed of a prince in Last Cinderella.

SOLUTION: Live a little and explore the unknown! Watch one random drama a month. Who knows, you might stumble upon your new favorite drama, or even your new favorite actor! (Don't worry Kim Woo Bin, you'll always be one first love <3). If you need any ideas, try a random collection in DramaFever's drama collection.

3. LEARN SOMETHING NEW - Learn how to cook a couple Korean drama dishes.

All of the food! Even if you're only a little familiar with the K-drama genre, you're aware of how delicious all the food looks. These dramas could literally be a commercial for Korean food, that's how amazing they are. That's why you should learn how to cook some Korean dishes! Not only will you look cultured in front of your friends ("Oh wow, you can make these cultural dishes? You're so talented!"), you'll also be able to master that darn stove. Two birds with one stone! Whenever you watch a K-drama, you can just pause the scene, make your own version of whatever they're eating, and chow down with them! It's almost as good as being in the scene with them.

SOLUTION: Try a new Korean dish every week. First stop: Kimchi fried rice. It's easy to make!

4. MAKE MORE FRIENDS - Recruit your buddies to be K-drama fans

Do you have friends that refuse to watch K-dramas? They clearly don't know what they're missing. This year, actively sit one down (or secretly trick them) and make them watch a Korean drama with you. Or even better, you can incept their minds into craving that Korean drama goodness. Whatever it takes to get more friends on your Korean drama boat. That way, you can socialize and have K-drama parties.

SOLUTION: Read this article to get ideas on how to recruit your friends.

5. GET ORGANIZED - Work through that queue!

I have a huge queue of dramas I've been bookmarking and meaning to watch on DramaFever, but haven't had time. This year it's time to power through dramas that are just gathering dust in that queue. Show them some love!

SOLUTION: Watch one drama in your queue per month. If you realize you don't like the drama, skip ahead! It's okay. As long as you tried.

6. GET FIT - Them chocolate abs.

Everyone wants to get fit in the new year right? That's why gym membership signups sky rocket in January and everyone's dedication to working out are at all time highs. Do you need some inspiration? Just look at those muscular Korean drama actors with their chocolate abs. They're enough to get your hearts racing. By that I mean, go to the gym.

SOLUTION: Check out DramaFever's instagram, @DramaFeverNews for our #NamjaAndNoms series, where they feature hot guys and food. I guess you should focus more on the Namjas more than the Noms though...

7. TRAVEL MORE - Did anyone say, "Let's go to Korea"?

Korea--the motherland of all Korean dramas. Just think: You might actually meet those actors and actresses that you've been ogling at, eat the amazing food you've been craving, go to all the awesome Korean coffee shops, and check out the cute fashion stores everywhere. With backpacking, AirBnB, and travel deals everywhere, you really have no excuse not to go to Korea. Save up some money, use up those vacation days (they're there for a reason!), practice that Korean, and pack your bags! Everyone needs an adventure!

SOLUTION: Set a date with a friend or two later in the year to use up your vacation days to go to Korea. Then get excited by reading 7 reasons why you must move to Korea.

Do you guys have any more resolutions that I might have missed? What do you want to improve on this year? Thoughts down below! :)