If you love K-drama, there are a few things you know are true. Chaebol mother-in-laws are evil, amnesia has impeccable timing, and ghosts are real and one is probably staring over your shoulder reading this article right now (and loving it!). Lately I’ve been obsessing over the hauntingly fun Oh My Ghostess, which got me thinking that like anything in K-drama land, some ghosts are better than others. Here are some of the best (and one of the worst) K-drama ghosts of the past few years. 

1. The Coffee Prince of Master’s Sun

There are so many good, bad, and downright scary ghosts in Master’s Sun, but the coffee-loving ghost who keeps an eye out for Tae Gong Sil is my favorite. Not sure why, since his ghost makeup artist should be fired and he's one of the only ghosts who doesn't get his plot resolved, but maybe I am sympathetic to his obsession. 99% sure I'll be haunting Starbucks in my next life, and I won't be ordering the skinny nonsense anymore either.

2. Arang from Arang and the Magistrate

Ghosts don’t come much more beautiful than Shin Min Ah. Plus, I like my ghosts to be spunky crime solvers, so Arang's character really is my perfect ghost. Sometimes I imagine her and Tae Gong Sil from Master’s Sun teaming up to solve some long-unsolved Joseon Era murder, and I smell a Hong Sister masterpiece. Just remember you heard me pitch the idea here first, folks.

3. The ghost from Producer

I am not going to say anything else for fear of spoilage, but just know that I know that you know that that was a good ghost. Spoiler alert: no one in this picture is the ghost. Spoiler spoiler alert: Or are they? 

4. Love Triangle Perfection from Who are You

Similar to Master's Sun, this show is chalk full of scary and sinister ghosts. But I take my ghosts strong, silent, and incredibly good looking. Giving the term love triangle a sexy phantasmagorical twist, Kim Jae Wook killed it (literally and figuratively) as a ghost with some unfinished business with his lost love, among others. Sidenote: Kim Jae Wook can haunt me anytime. No, seriously. Any. Time. 

5. Bride of the Century’s Ghost with a Curse

I don’t want to spoil too much here either, but I loved the sheer confusion of the funny and scary Bride of the Century’s lady ghost. Is she really there to ruin the lives of the first wives of Choi Kang Ju's family? And how does that make her any different than your average mother-in-law, except for the ghost part? You’ll have to watch and see!

6. Ji Hyun's tear-collecting (kinda)ghost in 49 Days

Okay, not technically sure Ji Hyun's tear-collecting character is a ghost, since she's roaming around while her body is in a coma during that grey period where you have 49 days to get your soul back in your body, but she can possess other people’s bodies, so I am going to count her in. This show, and this ghost, are only to be watched with 50,000 boxes of tissues handy. This show destroyed me. DESTROYED ME. You will need to watch many, many episodes of Running Man before you will regain your will to live.

7. Oh My Ghostess

I love Kim Seul Gi. From webtoon managers to sex-starved ghosts, she makes every character simultaneously sympathetic and hilarious. I really think this may be one of my favorite characters she has portrayed, and Park Bo Young’s impersonation of her mannerisms while “possessed” makes me forget it isn’t actually Kim Seul Gi in there. And is a "man of vitality" a real thing? Because if so, I need one. For those of you who haven't yet dipped your toes in the K-drama paranormal, if there were ever such a thing as a gateway ghost, this titular ghostess would be it.

8. And the worst ghost ever award goes to...

...Krystal's ghost sister in My Lovable Girl. What kind of messed up ghost tries to set her (not that awesome) ex-boyfriend up with her little sister? I mean, you have so many things you could do as a ghost, and turning on an old cell phone is your brilliant plan. I vote start by telling your little sister to ditch the bangs and actually start practicing music more. She seriously spends all of five minutes the entire drama actually composing music. Ugh, and as if the chemistry wasn’t bad enough between Rain and Krystal, adding the icky element of sisterly ghost matchmaking made this show almost unwatchable. I say almost because it’s still Rain. And Rain agrees.

So there you have it, the good, the bad, and the ugly ghosts that I love, and the one I love to hate. But what about you? Who are your favorite K-drama ghosts? Rain and I want to know. 

Watch Kim Seul Gi's quirk ghost in Oh My Ghostess:

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