Why does Park Shin Hye have so many friends, celebrity or not? Is it because she’s considerate, positive, and beautiful? Duh~ Here are 7 times she thanked fans and friends for surprise gifts sent to the Doctor Crush filming set. Scroll down to reveal her happy face!


“Shin Hye, beat the hot weather with these snacks!” Let’s Fight Ghost’s Ok Taec Yeon sent her a truck full of churros and coffee! She calls him a part of Ok Soon Bong family, a code name they put together when they starred in Three Meals A Day last summer.


Beast’s Yong Joon Hyung surprised Shin Hye with food and snack trucks!

She says along with the photo, ”I wasn’t feeling well this morning so I was telling Seung Hoon how nice it would be if something good happened today, and daebak! Junhyung’s surprise gift that he has been preparing since three weeks ago because he thought I was lacking energy. I don’t know how to express how touched I am. Thank you. Thank you so much. Junhyung, I will cheer up and film! I was going to go to sleep without eating dinner. I am going to eat two plates. Hing. I’m getting teary. What an amazing guy.”

She wrote on another photo, "There's also a coffee cart. The Junhyung that B2UTIES love is this cool of a person. You probably know even without being told this, but it's a day in which words of thanks are not enough."


Shin Hye’s friend Ji Hoon oppa’s fiancée gave her a carrot cake, which reads, “Goddess Hye Jung.” “It was the best carrot cake I’ve had,” Shin Hye testifies!


Shin Hye’s Chinese fans sent her a food truck! “I’ll eat a lot, cheer up and film well. Thank you!” Shin Hye writes.


Actress Kim Jung Hwa sent a coffee truck for Shin Hye. They met in 2002 through Dream Factory, Shin Hye’s first agency (Read more here). By the way, do you see Lee Sung Kyung photo bombing her? They’re so adorable.


Mamonde sent its muse a bouquet of flowers, saying, “We hope Doctor Crush turns out daebak!”


Shin Hye’s Japanese fans sent her an ice cream and coffee truck! “I was thankful all day today. My fans are the best!” Shin Hye writes.

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