Respected actor Ji Sung has been acting in K-dramas since 1999. He has earned fame by portraying a variety of characters in drastically contrasting costumes. The seven personalities he portrays on Kill Me, Heal Me don't hold a candle to the roles he has taken during his career. Today, we will take a walk down memory lane to see some of the many looks of Ji Sung on screen.

1. Choi Jung Won in All In

Choi is a rich Mister Goody Two-Shoes. He is the son of a theater owner who befriends a bad boy. His dark velvet suit screams money.

I'm loving his clean-cut look. It's very early 2000s preppy! 

2. Kim Soo Ro in Kim Soo Ro

Kim used his power to unite 12 small countries during the Three Kingdoms Period. His richly colored regal attire fits in perfectly with his elaborately designed room. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan of South Korean historicals, or the clothes. It's just my personal preference. 

3. Lee Eun Sang in New Heart 

Lee is a resident heart surgeon who recently graduated from medical school. He wears traditional sterile scrubs and a doctor's jacket in this photo. I'm not too fond of the medical field, but you have to admit that this outfit is even cleaner cut than number 1.

4. Cha Ji Heon in Protect The Boss

Cha is a handsome guy from a wealthy family. His ochlophobia and agoraphobia hinder him from being a true leader. He is immature yet stylish all at the same time with his Batman T-shirt. I love his laid-back fashion sense, but not the hair. His hairstyle is too ahjumma (middle-aged woman) styled.

See all of Ji Sung's many costumes in Kill Me, Heal Me:

5. Han Ji Hoon in Royal Family 

Han was an orphan who became a main suspect in a murder case. He overcame his difficult childhood to become a prosecutor. In the photo, he looks more like a gangster than a man upholding the law. The sleek black leather gloves with his dark suit are a winner, even though they gives off a creepy vibe.

6. Kim Jung Woo in Swallow The Sun

Kim is an orphan who grows up on the wrong side of the law. He is a bad boy lacking any direction in life. I love the dark pants, but his chiseled physique is each fan's personal preference.

7. Ji Sang in The Great Seer

Ji Sang is an old-school fortune teller. He supposedly has mystical powers that help him predict the future. In the screencaps below, he is dressed like a warrior. Again, traditional attire just isn't my thing. 

Which character's look suits him best? 

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