Korean Dramas always feature so many awesome places where the characters have so much fun. I'm sure you've found yourself wanting to go to a few of these places (if not all)!

1. Norebang (Karaoke)

Karaoke can be a form of stress relief as well as a total blast! K-Dramas make us want to grab a group of our closest friends and sing our hearts out.

2. Korean BBQ

You've probably become hungry while watching your favorite K-Dramas, causing you to research where the nearest Korean BBQ is.

3. Ramen Shops

Eating instant ramen isn't the same anymore, even though you still eat it (all the time). After watching K-Dramas, you need to try freshly made ramen.

4. Jeju Island beaches

In K-Dramas the characters often travel to Jeju Island, and it definitely makes you want to go relax on the beautiful beaches in the warm weather!

5. Coffee Shops

Characters often work at or own coffee shops in K-Dramas, and all of the colorful/ delicious drinks look fantastic! Those mango coconut drinks especially look so yummy!

6. Rooftop apartments

Many characters find themselves living in rooftop apartments. Even though they are sometimes portrayed as less nice apartments, the beautiful views and the home-y feelings give them such charm.

7. South Korea

This last one is just so obvious, but of course it needed to be included! The main place K-Dramas make us want to go is South Korea, especially Seoul. So where else do K-Dramas make you want to go? Let us know in the comments below!