As much as we love seeing some of the amazing and experimental fashion choices displayed in our favorite K-dramas, we really appreciate when a beauty look is something that is easier for anyone to wear — and in that regard the latest fashion we've been seeing on our favorite K-dramas has not disappointed. From neon lips to geek chic glasses, these are our 7 favorite beauty looks to start trying out ASAP. 

1. Hwang Jung EumShe Was Pretty

Nothing beats away the winter blues like a pop of color. Hwang Jung Eum showcases this look perfectly in She Was Pretty. Whether a neon pink hue or a slightly more subtle orange, her look continues to be fresh and cute. What's great about this look is you can wear it during the day with barely there makeup or transition it to a night out look by adding black eyeliner to the upper lid. 

2. Choi Ji WooTwenty Again

Choi Ji Woo has such effortless beauty. She could walk out of her house in her pajamas and still look put together. I especially love her style in her most recent series Twenty Again. With her casual baseball tees or a simple white button up shirt tossed over a pair of jeans, her style looks timeless. This look works especially well with simple, well styled hair. Either pulled back into a loose but well maintained ponytail or down and loose, it adds that layer of sophistication that makes this look especially attractive. 

3. Gu Hye SunBlood

I absolutely love Gu Hye Sun's wavy, wild hair in Blood. Consider putting away the straightening iron for fall, giving your hair a much deserved rest from all that heat therapy, and go with this more casual and dreamy look. For those who have straight hair, consider using a large barrel curling iron to add some wave and texture to the length of your hair.

4. IUProducer

IU's look in Producer was glamorous and full-on pop diva. If you're starting to feel those winter blues where you don't want to leave your bed in the mornings or get out of your sweats at all, consider IU's look to give you that boost you need to get through the hard winter days. Those bright red lips and well-defined eyes would be particularly beautiful for any Christmas parties coming up. 

5. Park Shin HyePinocchio

If you happen to live somewhere where from November through April feels as if you've somehow ended up in the middle of the Arctic, then Park Shin Hye's parka from Pinocchio is the perfect chic and hip coat to get you through the miserable weather. It's both functional and attractive, lending itself to those who can roll with a more hipster vibe. As an added bonus, if you're in a relationship you can get your partner a matching coat. (How cute do Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye look in their matching coats?)

6. Kim Hee AeSecret Love Affair

Kim Hee Ae always looks elegant and beautiful, but never moreso than in Secret Love Affair. Aside from her perfectly tailored outfits and flawless glowing skin, her sleek ponytail always gives her that air of being both sophisticated and reserved. This is the perfect look both for the office and for a night out.

7. Ha Ji WonThe Time That I Love You, 7000 Days

These glasses that Ha Ji Won wears in The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days are awesome. The thick black rimmed glasses have been around for quite some time, especially lending to the hipster, geek chic set. Ha Ji Won, on the other hand, is neither of these. She pairs them both with sophisticated and fashionable outfits, as well as with her less impressive comfy clothes for home. Either way, she always looks pulled together and amazing with them on.

Which looks do you want to give a try? Do you have any beauty trends you're excited to try out this fall/winter? Let us know below!

See Hwang Jung Eum's look in She Was Pretty: