Fans of Oh My Venus have had their eye on a newcomer to the K-drama scene — the spirited and funny Henry Lau, who plays Kim Ji Yong. While he has been on the radar of most K-pop fans for a long time, this is the first many K-drama fans are seeing of the multi-talented and charming star, and they can't get enough of him. Here are 10 things every new fan of Henry Lau should know! 

1. Henry is so good at speaking English in Oh My Venus because he is from Canada and English is his first language, but he is also fluent in Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese and can hold a conversation in Japanese and French. He is of Taiwanese/Chinese decent, but his parents raised him in Toronto, Canada. 

2. Henry learned to play the piano at age 5 from his mother and then began learning the violin at age 6. He also began competitive dance as a child and won several awards for his music and dance performances. Henry got his big break when he was recruited at an SM Entertainment audition in Toronto in 2006 when he was 15 years old. He chose to be an idol instead of a classical musician because it would allow him to sing, dance, and play instruments at the same time!

Here are some videos of him performing before his debut in 2005:

3. Henry debuted under SM with the 7-member Super Junior subunit Super Junior-M in 2008. The group sings songs in Mandarin and has become hugely popular in China, winning an award for Asia's Most Popular New Group upon debut and multiple awards for Most Popular and Most Influential Group of the Year. The group is temporarily on break as most of the members have recently enlisted in the military, including Choi Siwon

4. Henry started his own solo music career in 2013 and has become a very popular and talented vocal soloist, violinist, pianist, and dancer all in one! Check out two of his songs:

5. Henry not only sings and plays instruments, but he also composes songs like "All My Heart" for Super Junior!

6. Henry has even shown a talent for rap and was featured rapping in songs like Jonghyun and Jino's in "Don't Lie." 

7. Henry loves appearing on variety shows, and he always makes sure the whole cast is having a blast with his fun-loving personality.

You can see him in these variety show episodes on DramaFever:


Running Man

8. Henry's nickname is "Mochi" because of his chubby cheeks and fair complexion. The other members of his group often tease him for his soft white skin. 

9. Henry is very active on social media and loves to engage with his fans, called "Strings," through photos, voice messages, and videos. Here are his different accounts:

Instagram- @henryl89

Twitter- @henrylau89

Flotto- henrylau89

10. Henry loves collaborating with other artists, and his best friend is Amber from the girl group f(x), with whom he collaborated with on the song "1-4-3 (I Love you)." Fans often refer to them as "Henber," and there's even fanfic about the two of them.

Isn't Henry such an amazing person? With talent like this, there's no doubt we will continue to see more of him! 

Are you a new Henry fan? What do you think of his role in Oh My Venus? Do you want to see him in more dramas in the future? Comment below! 

Watch him in Oh My Venus now on DramaFever: