Are we the first ones to think this?  Miss A Suzy and K-drama Producer's fictional character Cindy, whom singer IU plays, have a lot in common. Take a look!

1. Debuted at an early age

In 2010, Suzy debuted at the age of 16 as a Miss A member. We don't know when exactly Cindy debuted, but, deducing from the four young girls Cindy's boss Ms. Byun is training, we can assume Cindy also debuted around their age.

2. Korea’s top female singer

Suzy is by far the most popular female idol star at present time. Cindy is portrayed as one on Producer.

3. Comes from a four-member girl group  

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Suzy comes from the four-member girl group Miss A, and Cindy's from Pinky Four.

4. Sexy and cute

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Plus they're stylish!

5. Films many commercials

Suzy's been filming product commercials for years. On Producer, it's occasionally mentioned that Cindy cuts her busy time to film commercials, a privilege for top stars.

6. Perpetually exhausted

Juggling performances, commercials, fan meetings, and recording songs, Cindy and Suzy are perpetually exhausted from their hectic schedules. 

7. Burdened by the spotlight

Producer's Cindy breaks down at one point and hides at Cha Tae Hyun and Gong Hyo Jin's house, refusing to go to any of her events. Any top star would have at least one experience of feeling burdened by the spotlight, but real friends can ameliorate their feelings!

8. In love

Need we say more? Suzy's in love with Lee Min Ho in real life, and Cindy's in love with coworker Baek Seung Chan, played by actor Kim Soo Hyun.

9. They’re best friends!

Miss A Suzy and IU, who plays Producer's Cindy, are best friends!

IU tweets from Thailand about a mole on Suzy's arm and a watermelon seed on hers.

Girlfriends on a date circa 2012.

Suzy's drawing of IU

Aren't they just adorable?

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See IU's performance as Cindy in Producer: