If I could see smells like the female lead in the new K-drama Sensory Couple, I would tell you that the smell of a new show looks like spring and rainbows. So much to enjoy, nothing yet to disappoint. Sensory Couple is no exception, and here are 7 reasons why Sensory Couple smells like a winner. 

1. It is not about multiple personalities (I hope)

I am only two episodes in, but I can say with some certainty that this show is not, I repeat not, about multiple personalities. Let’s all take a collective sigh of relief. There is only so much of that plot device I can take, and my seven other personalities agree with me on this one. Plus the two main characters' very distinctive singular personalities should be plenty to keep us interested.

2. It’s a mystery

In the vein of You are All Surrounded and Who Are You, there is an overarching mystery to propel the story forward.What is the deal with the barcode? Who is the chef? How can Park Yoo Chun's character eat so much and still look so good? These are just a few of the mysteries our sleuthing couple will help us solve. 

3. It’s also a comedy

Comedy! You might not think a dislocated shoulder could create comedy gold, but you would be wrong. And while I have no idea what was funny about the comedy sketch Park Yoo Chun performed with Shin Se Kyung (which was the point I think), it was funny to watch nonetheless.

4. Park Yoo Chun is looking fine

I’ll admit, previous to this show I was not a Yoo Chun fangirl. Please, netizens, don’t hunt me down and burn Rooftop Prince effigies in my yard for saying that. But my, how he’s aged like a fine boxed wine. Usually when I say a man looks good in uniform, I don't mean the kind that comes with yellow reflective vest, but he pulls it off, ladies. He pulls it off.

5. The Bad Guy Seems Really Bad

I like a malicious stepmother with a well-articulated back story as much as the next K-drama fan, but sometimes it is fun to have the bad guy be just bad, bad, bad. In this show, we have a potential serial killer with a very serious stare to contend with. True he’s yet to prove himself as bad a baddie as Shin Sung Rok from My Love from Another Star, but we can’t all have off-kilter creepy grins, can we?

6. She can see smells

The premise of the show, of course, is that Shin Se Kyung’s character can see smells. For me, I would use this unique superpower to prove what I have long believed, that So Ji Sub smells like angels and fresh pennies. But Shin Se Kyung is not as smart as I am, and she only uses it to solve crimes. Yawn. But she has 18 more episodes to redeem herself for this oversight.

7.Nam Goong Min is in it

That means we have a chance of him taking his shirt off. I mean, a man has to shower, right? You really don’t need any other reason to watch.

So what do you think? Why are you tuning in to Sensory Couple? If you haven't seen the first episode yet, check it out below!

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