With cooler fall weather, it's officially drama marathon season! And to top off the list, we have have a new Taiwanese drama coming tomorrow. Starring  Rainie Yang, who was last seen in Drunken to Love You, and newcomer You Yan, Life Plan A & B explores two parallel paths a life can take depending on one big choice. To get you excited, here are 5 reasons you ABSOLUTELY must-watch this drama. 

1. Binge-watch it for Rainie Yang

Her original name is not Rainie. The pretty actress began her career in 2000, as a member of Taiwanese quartet girl group 4 in Love, where she was given the stage name of Rainie, matching the weather theme of each member. Isn't that adorable? This show is her big comeback to dramaland after a long break, and she even sang the official OST for the drama!

2. Its just 6 episodes long

What makes a drama binge-watch worthy? It's the length of the show y'all! The shorter....kinda the better, because that means you can cram it all in one single night without thinking about it at work the next day. As part of a two-part series by Chris Wu (Love of Sandstorm was first and is also coming soon to DramaFever), Life Plan A & B is just six episodes long! 

3. Yen Yu Lin is a newcomer specifically handpicked for this role

The production team specifically set out to find a talented new male actor to star opposite the famous Rainie Yang. From what we have seen so far, Yen Yu Lin is definitely one to watch out for!

4. The drama also has American Chinese actor Johnny Lu

Originally from L.A, the actor has lived in Hong Kong, Taipei and Singapore for a significant number of years. He recently released his single "All Through The Night," which received an enthusiastic response from fans.

5. We love the plot of the drama!

From the teasers we have seen so far, the drama explores two parallel lives over the course of 6 episodes. Everyone deals with the quintessential "what if" situation in life, but this drama takes it to a whole another level, by exploring both situations through the eyes of Rainie Yang! 

Are you excited to watch Life Plan A &B! Its coming tomorrow to DramaFever....stay tuned for updates!


Life Plan A and B - 荼蘼

Starring Rainie Yang and Yan Yu Lin

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