The Time In Between, a hit period drama about a seamstress-turned-spy on the brink of WWII, features such amazing costumes, scenery, and acting that it has become the most watched television show in Spain's history. The show was so popular that it caused a sewing revival with women flocking to learn how to duplicate the beautiful outfits. It is a must watch for historical fashion enthusiasts, especially those drawn to the feminine, figure flattering dresses, hats, bold makeup, unique shoes, and intricate hairstyles of the early 1940's. Here is a sample of the styles featured in this compelling drama.

Based on the New York Times Bestseller "The Time In Between" by María Dueñas, a young seamstress's life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself pregnant, alone, and penniless during the Spanish Civil War. As Spain's alliance with Nazi Germany deepens, she takes on a new identity and becomes an in-demand haute couture stylist for the wives of Nazi officials. But soon she becomes swept up in political intrigue when she begins helping the British Secret Service by placing coded messages in the patterns of her clothing.

Seven reasons costume lovers must see this drama:

1. The dresses

2. The hats and scarves

3. The makeup

4. The hair

6. The accessories

6. The suits

7. And the swimsuits

With so many more astounding examples of period costumes in this drama, it was difficult to choose which ones to feature. Not only are the costumes amazing, but viewers will be blown away by the story, scenery, soundtrack, and acting. You can watch all 17 episodes of The Time In Between for free right here on DramaFever