According to Daum, one of Korea's top search engines, MBC Gu Family Book was crowned the most searched drama of the year.

The most searched drama was determined by how many times the title has been searched through from January to November of 2013. The last episode of Gu Family Book recorded 19.5% in viewer rating, the best of the year.

Although the year 2013 can easily be the birth year of many great dramas, Gu Family Book outshined them all for several reasons!:

1. Suzy

Since her appearance in the movie, Architecture 101, Suzy's image as the nation's "first love" has been imprinted into our heads. Her role in Gu Family Book was not an addition but a continuation of her it-girl legacy as she wowed many audiences with her improved acting skills as well as her matured aura through the beloved character, Yeo Wool. The transformation from tomboy attire to a traditional hanbok dress was also a highlight for this role.

2. Lee Seung Gi's bipolar transformation

As a singer, entertainer, and now actor, Lee Seung Gi has always been at the acme of his game. Through Gu Family Book, the audience was able to experience two different-yet-similar sides of the actor: a tempered, young man who cherishes friends and family while despising wrong-doers vs. an intense werewolf with magical powers. Although I ended up loving both sides of Seung Gi, it was still fun to banter between the two versions of Lee Seung Gi.

3. Choi Jin Hyuk a.k.a Wol Ryeong

Need I elaborate? He. Is. Perfect.

P.S. He was also able to land a major role on Heirs with his charismatic presence in Gu Family Book.

4. The absurd level of brutality and crudity of Jo Kwang Woong

We've seen cruel antagonists in Korean movies before, but no other like Jo Kwang Woong. From separating families by fabricating illegal activities, to abusing his power horrifically, and even sleeping with the daughter of the family, Jo Kwang Woong showed the audience the worst of all antagonists. I think it is safe to say that we all shared one thought about him: he must be stopped!

5. Humanistic value

The story deals with mythical creatures, mystical powers, and reincarnation (or real dopplegangers). However, the writer and producers put much effort into making the story as relatable as possible. For example, the heartfelt story of Kang Chi who is abandoned by his mother, the topic of forbidden first love, and also the depiction of fatherly love. The audience was able to laugh and cry with Kang Chi throughout his journey in protecting his family, friends, and woman.

6. OST

It's to no ones surprise that Gu Family Book had one of the best OST albums of all time. The album includes many of the best-of-the-best ballad singers such as Baek Ji Young, The One, 4Men, as well as the three main characters, Choi Jin Hyuk, Suzy, and Lee Seung Gi.

7. Kiss scenes

And last but surely not least, the passionate kiss between Kang Chi and Yeo Wool made it to the top of the headlines as it was nearly 2 minutes long (in we know in drama-world, that is crazy long)! Not only that, but it was shown in ALL ANGLES. Also, the two shared not one, but TWO kisses; hence, the "two-level kiss". Just see for yourself!

So do you think Gu Family Book was the best drama of 2013?

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