We all know and love them; those Kdrama male leads who start off being arrogant and rude, but end up having a change of heart and falling for the spunky poor girl by the end. Even though sometimes we get a little sick of this trope, here are a few reasons why these types of male characters still exist and why we still love them.

1. They are often misunderstood.

Most usually have a heart of gold lurking underneath that ice cold exterior. (Even if it takes a while for them to finally admit it.)

2. Who doesn’t like a bad boy?

Let's face it. Bad boys are hot.

3. It makes for a more compelling story.

Often the character development is so good, that you never want to stop watching!

4. The tension between the two lead characters usually signifies romance later on.

Though this is kind of predictable, it's still cute to watch the two leads bicker adorably.

5. If there wasn’t any tension, the gif below would probably be us while we watch the show.

The clash between the two leads is often exciting.

6. Even though they are mean, they are usually honest (though brutally).

*.gif isn’t from a Kdrama but I thought it was appropriate.

7. Even though they act rude, when someone they know is in trouble they always come running to the rescue!

Often the male lead will hide his softer side to seem more manly. However, when someone is in trouble he is sure to be their savior!

Even though some of these guys start off as jerks, KDramas somehow make us all want a jerk of our own!

Who's your favorite Kdrama jerk?