My Secret Romance-mania is going strong at the DramaFever HQ's. And part of the reason (actually THE ENTIRE reason) is super cute lead, Sung Hoon! From the very first scene, this actor have been giving us major heart eyes and then the moment he showed up in swim trunks was the ultimate! I mean have you see those delicious chocolate abs? A little more internet snooping on this cutie, lead us to his Instagram account and lo behold.....its glorious!! We rounded up 7 of his CUTEST Instagram posts that convinced us he's totally stalking-worthy! Ready?


He's secretly a nerd. Those glasses, that bed hair...seriously oppa stop slaying already!


Remember their magical bromance in Oh My Venus! The duo had us cracking up and we love that they've still kept the bromance alive so many years later as well. Also doesn't he make the most perfect angel?


자 달려봅시다 !!!! #애타는로맨스

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It's hard to resist a man that loves his candy! His Instagram account is peppered with food posts but more importantly, in this particular picture its hard to tell which of the two is more irresistible....oppa or that massive chocolate ball! Yup, I'm picking oppa. 



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I'm not even sure what's happening here but OMO!!! 


다시 집중!!!

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So we all know he's an Olympic level swimmer, but wait he plays golf as well?! 


곧 죽어도 직진

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Yes, I know this is a back shot but can we please talk about that lean, mean Greek God-esque body? How beautiful are those perfectly sculpted calves? 


And finally...leaving the best one for the last!! PLEASE MARRY ME! 

Want to stalk Sung Hoon? Click here for his Instagram account.  You can also catch him on an exclusive Facebook Live session. Here are the details on how you can send in your questions for the actor.

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