Starring up-and-coming K-pop boy band EXO, (with hit songs like Growl, Overdose, and Call Me Baby), EXO Next Door is an EXO fan's dream-come-true. Here are 7 reasons to watch the new series:

1. Live vicariously next door to EXO through main actress, who’s also an EXO fan

Debuted as a child actress at age 10, actress Moon Ga Young's been in numerous dramas and films like Goong S. She's an SM Entertainment actress, the agency EXO comes from, and only 19 — Isn't she beautiful? Live vicariously next door to EXO members through Moon Ga Young, who stars as an EXO fan just like the rest of us.

2. Steamy hot bromance 

For those of you who just can't stand EXO flirting with another girl, the series EXO Next Door will also provide you with some steamy hot bromance. Start watching this weekend to find out who these two men are!

3. See what EXO wears 

On EXO Next Door, EXO members wear their casual outfits instead of performance costumes. Our boys will look and feel more friendly!

4. It’s real

Of course EXO Next Door is a scripted drama but with real elements. You'll see the boys take selfies,

...and even push one another.

Out of the 10 members, Kyung Soo (D. O.), Chan Yeol, Baek Hyun and Sae Hoon are EXO Next Door's main actors. 

5. They'll form new friendships 

EXO members will form new friendships and rivals. Chan Yeol and Kyung Soo, also known as the Chan Soo couple, are rivals on EXO Next Door

6. And new personalities

For example, Chan Yeol stars as a cold, twisted perfectionist who has to have things done his way.

7. A love line 

At the EXO Next Door press conference, EXO's Chen foreshadowed a love line in the series. We wonder who the lucky couple is!

The online series has 16 episodes with each episode lasting for roughly 15 minutes. Watch it now right here on DramaFever:

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