As the undisputed queens and kings of the Internet that might actually be good for our health, our cats deserve all the love and affection we can give them. Sharing our laptops with them, however, can be a bit of a pain — they always seem to want to walk or lay on the keys and block the screen when you're on it. So why not free up your device and give kitty something he or she could really use, like a Cat Scratch Laptop toy?

Here are 7 reasons why you should:

1) It's inexpensive to buy. It's a decoy and not the real thing, of course. Compared to the $100s or $1000s of dollars your laptop costs, $35. bucks ain't a bad deal when it comes to your cat. It's built to be sturdy and to be "attacked," though its durability depends on how much and how roughly kitty plays with it.

2) It's inexpensive to upgrade. No expensive software to purchase here. This laptop toy comes with customizable desktop wallpaper that you can print out and change with ease. Slide one in to freshen up kitty's background or social media.

3) Let's face it — it's a lot more attractive and trendy than the usual. How many times has your kitty visited its neighborhood friends at their houses and thought, Do we all have the same old boring scratching post? I just can't.

4) The USB port mouse actually looks like a mouse. With a tail. A feline delight. Oh, happy day!

5) It's made of recycled paper and corrugated cardboard, ships flat, and folds together in no time. You'll be doing the planet a service by helping save the environment and doing yourself a service by saving time as well as avoiding scratched up keyboards and furniture.

6) C'mon, look how cute it is. Even though kitties can't play Solitaire or Mahjong on it, the scratchpad keyboard will keep them healthy, happy, and stretched and their claws clean.  

7) You've got options. If kitty is more the DJ type than a techie, you can always get him or her a Cat Scratch Turntable (another form of "scratching" entirely) or a different toy instead. *wicky wicky uh*

Cat Playhouse's Cat Scratch Laptop is available from unique gift and accessories company SUCK UK, based out of London (yes, that's their name!). You can see more pet products and the many cool items for humans and homes that they have available on their website here

The "greatest gifts on Earth"? Pretty doggone close. :) 

Images: SUCK UK

Scratching post image: kittentoob

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