DramaFever is getting a whole new set of K-movies for your enjoyment! Last Saturday was the DramaFever premiere of 2013 romantic comedy Very Ordinary Couple, starring Kim Min Hee and Lee Min Ki. The movie features them as co-workers who end a secret relationship. However, they are unable to leave well enough alone and spend their workdays plotting vindictive antics that rock both their personal and professional lives. If that doesn't sound good enough, here are 7 reasons you should watch Very Ordinary Couple!

1. It's the ultimate break-up and make-up movie.

The literal translation of the original title (연애의 온도) is "The Temperature of Love."

The film is centered around a couple in an on-and-off relationship, displaying a full range of emotions that are powerful and all too realistic. This is not your typical rom-com.

2. Kim Min Hee

Kim Min Hee is widely regarded as one of the best actresses in Korea. She has won two Baeksang Arts Awards (the Korean equivalent of the Academy Awards) for Best Actress, the most recent one being for her performance in Very Ordinary Couple.

One interesting side note, Kim Min Hee is happily dating actor Jo In Sung (It's Okay, That's Love) in real life. That is one irresistibly charming couple! The model and actress also played one of our favorite matchmakers in Love & Marriage opposite Kim Ji Hoon.

3. Lee Min Ki

Whether in dramas or films, he continues to captivate audiences through the versatility that can be found in his roles. He has does everything from bad boy rocker in Shut Up Flower Boy Band to secret service agent in I Really, Really Like You and everything in between. After shooting Very Ordinary Couple, Lee Min Ki described the experience as if "he were in a real relationship." He plays the hot-tempered, but caring character Dong Hee. Dong Hee's actions may be too intense for some, but it'd be hard not to empathize with his pain and struggle.

Sadly, we may not see much of Lee Min Ki after this year. He recently announced that he will be entering the required two-year military service by the end of this year.

4. It has so many post-relationship moments that we can all relate to (shamefully).

Stalking your ex on Facebook? Check. The furious deleting of photos and texts? Check. The downward spiral that ensues? Check. The "hey, how is it going?" text that almost always follows after a few weeks... So. Many. Regrets.

5. Ha Yeon Soo

One of the two rookies in this film, she played a talented guitar player alongside an awesome ensemble cast in last year's musical drama Monstar.

6. Lee Moon Jung

The other rookie on the cast, she has 8 small parts under her belt and a bunch of potential to go with it! In 2013, she played the wife of Prince Bong Rim in Cruel Palace: War of the Flowers.

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7. It helps us appreciate our relationships with loved ones, especially the small things that make it work.

Yes, the movie is realistic, but it's not all dark and gloomy. There are plenty of funny and feel-good moments sprinkled throughout. By the end of the movie, you will absolutely want to be in love with someone, even with all of its drama and roller coaster ride of emotions :)

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This article was co-written by Tim Lee.