With a new batch of K-dramas starting, it's sometimes hard to know what to watch (unless, of course, you just decide to watch ALL of them)! Miss Korea, the new offering from MBC, is looking like a promising pick. It premieres on DramaFever tomorrow, so there's just enough time to jump on the bandwagon before it starts! Here are some reasons why once you start, you won't be able to stop:

1. The Voice

When I say "The Voice," I'm not talking about the singing competition. No, I'm talking about something that we could all listen to hour after hour after hour...Yes, that's right, Velvety Voice Lee Sun Kyun of Pasta and Coffee Prince fame is the male lead here. That man could read a phone book, and we would still listen intently to every word.

2. Lee Yeon Hee

Fans of Paradise Farm (or Running Man, where she has appeared several times) will be happy to see this stunning actress back in a leading role. In Miss Korea, she plays the most beautiful girl in her high school. Years later, a former schoolmate (Lee Sun Kyun) finds her working as an elevator girl and turns her into a Miss Korea candidate. It's kind of a relief that they're not even going to pretend that this woman is unattractive at first like they do in most K-dramas. No one would believe it anyway!

3. Guaranteed makeover

When a plot revolves around a beauty pageant, you just KNOW there's bound to be a transformation scene! It's like Miss Congeniality, but K-drama style!

4. It takes place in everyone's favorite year

After watching Answer Me 1997, who could resist another show set in the same year? And one with a beauty pageant at that? The trailers feature some pretty nostalgia-inducing leotards and poofy hair, all of which will just add to the hilarity.

5. The return of The Pillar

The second male lead in this series is played by none other than Lee Ki Woo, who also played the second male lead in Flower Boy Ramen Shop. We all know that he's pretty good at inducing Second Male Lead Syndrome. A battle between him and Lee Sun Kyun is bound to be epic. No promises of shirtlessness, though.

6. First love--and more first love

Okay, so I mentioned that the leads were high school classmates way back in the day, but did I mention that Lee Ki Woo's character was ALSO in their class? Oh, and that BOTH male leads had the serious hots for Lee Yeon Hee's character? It's first love galore!

7. An underdog story

A struggling businessman and a former elevator girl against a sea of professional beauty teams? It has "underdog" written all over it! I can't see the future, so I don't know if they will win in the end, but it's always fun to root for the little guy.

Who else is excited for Miss Korea? Comment below!

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