With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, lovers all over are desperately searching for ways to make this holiday extra romantic for that special someone. Well, Casanovas, look no further! There is no better place to find romance than in K-dramas and no better teachers than their heartthrob stars. With this list of everyday romantic gestures, you can sweep your love off their feet not only on Valentine's Day, but every day — K-drama style. 

1.) Back Hugs

Back hugs are a classic gesture that have been featured in many, many, many Korean dramas (and I mean, many), such as HeirsPinocchioSecret Garden, and the always wonderful Boys Over Flowers. Despite this, though, they never fail to make viewers squeal in delight and wish for this sign of affection to happen to them, so this Valentine's Day, why don't you make this wish come true? Find an excuse to pull them in your arms like Heirs' Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) or just take the plunge and see what happens. Either way, I'm sure your partner would appreciate the gesture. 

2.) Sharing An Umbrella 

When thinking of romance and rain, we always think of that one cliche kiss from The Notebook, but imagine sheltering the person of your dreams under a thundering night sky or taking a stroll arm-in-arm with them in the middle of a light, breezy drizzle. Sounds more romantic, right? Well, this could be possible if you take a tip from the leading men of Love Rain (Jang Geun Suk), Surplus Princess (Song Jae Rim), and Big (Gong Yoo). Use the usually pesky rain as an opportune setting to make your love swoon with, of course, a little help from an umbrella. 

3.) Forehead Kisses 

A forehead kiss is arguably the most adorable and frustrating type of kiss in the world of K-drama because the viewer builds up this anticipation for the main couple to kiss on the lips, but then the male lead leans down and places a loving, respectful kiss on her forehead like in the drama Witch's Romance. Although can be disappointing as a viewer, it can actually be a very simplistic, yet effective sign of affection that shows not only love, but also faith and trust (as expressed in a quote from the drama Personal Taste). So instead of expressing your feelings for your loved one extravagantly or through the traditional lip kiss, try kissing them on the forehead and see if your message reaches them. 

4.) Wiping Their Tears Away

Ideally, no one would ever have to do this for someone they love, but unfortunately, we don't always live in the most ideal of circumstances. If you ever find your special someone shedding tears, whether it's from anger, stress, or sorrow, wipe them away and comfort them. It not only shows that you are reliable and truly care about them, but it lets them know that they can lean on you for love and support when they need it most. Although it'll be unpleasant to see someone you have feelings for in such a state, it'll connect you two in a more meaningful way. 

5.) Couple Outfits 

There's no better way of saying "This is my partner, back off" than matching couple outfits. They're not only a cute and stylish trend, but also represent how confident you are in your affections for the other person. Plus, being willing to openly display that you're a couple can make your significant other feel more confident in your relationship. Oh Ha Ni (Jung So Min) and Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) rocked the couple look (multiple times) in Playful Kiss and so can you, so as you two go to sleep in your styling jammies or go to the park in your matching polos and sneakers, you can feel confident in both your appearance and your relationship. 

6. Piggyback Rides 

This is yet another classic and prevalent trope in the world of Korean drama that is featured in Coffee Prince, Personal Taste, and Heartstrings, to name a few examples. More often than not, this action is used to transport drunken heroines safely to their homes (which in itself is a caring gesture), but it also be used as a sweet demonstration of the male lead's love. Although many of you may not be able to do this one just because of the pure weight of another person on your back, if you can accomplish it without dropping your partner, it is definitely a cute way to express your affection in a more physical form. 

7. Tying Their Shoelaces 

This is considered a rather unusual act in America, but it isn't uncommon to see in K-dramas. It's affectionate in a more cautious and childish sense because although your sweetheart doesn't necessarily need you to tie their shoes for them, the action is a demonstration that you are willing to care for them with small things and wouldn't want them to be unsafe in any way (even if it's just tripping on their shoelaces). Plus, it seemed to work multiple times for Eun Dae Gu (Lee Seung Gi) in You Are All Surrounded, so it wouldn't hurt to try. 

What do you think is the most romantic gesture on this list? Are there any more you would add to the list? Are you gonna try any of these on that special someone this Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below!


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