You think you’re a Seo Kang Joon fan, but how well do you know him? This hottie, who also can sing, (He’s a member of K-pop group 5urprise) seems to appreciates the little things in life. Scroll down to find out more about your favorite Korean actor!

1. Seoul is his favorite city

Seo Kang Joon has traveled to a lot of cities for work, but Seoul is where his heart’s at. “I’ve been to a lot of places, including some beautiful cities, but I love Seoul the best. It’s probably because I live here, but everything is so convenient. I can drink late into the night with friends if I wanted to. It’s a charming city,” he told Ceci this month.

2. Family vacation to Hawaii? It’s on me!

He wanted to show his family a good time, so he volunteered to be a tour guide for the family in Hawaii. “I was so busy that I didn’t even have time to put my feet in the water,” he said, adding that he had to find and book restaurants while his family snorkeled in the beach. He also recalled the most memorable moment from the trip. “I was with my mom at Waikiki beach. The sun was setting beautifully. She asked me to take a photo of her, and I said it won’t be a good picture because she had her back against the sun. She said that would make a good photo. She really enjoyed spending time with me at the beach. That’s when I realized it was a great decision to have come here though I was pretty busy with work.”

3. His flight habit? He usually sleeps on a plane

“If I’m going to be on a plane for a long time, I stay up the night before and sleep it off on the plane. I also bring a book to keep myself occupied,” he said.

4. Sunlight makes him drowsy

Two years ago, he told the hosts of talk show ‘Radio Star’ that sunlight makes him feel weak and isn’t good for his body type, according to a Korean medicine doctor he saw.

5. Spicy food isn’t his forte

In the reality show ‘Law of the Jungle,’ he tried a spicy sauce Jun Hye Bin made with cayenne pepper. When she mirrored the sentiment ubiquitous in Korea and asked, “Doesn’t eating spicy food make your stress go away?” he replied, “I get stressed because it’s so spicy.”

6. Okie and Dokie are the names of his cats

In 2012, he adopted a stray kitten but had to find new home for it because of his dad’s allergy. When Seo Kang Joon got a place of his own, he deliberated over adopting again for a month. “I knew I’d have to be responsible for it forever. So it was a deliberate decision,” he told Ceci in 2016. He really wanted a cat, but worried that it’d get lonely when he’s away for work. The solution? He adopted two. He used to have bazillion photos of his cats on Instagram. Where did all the kitten photos go, Kang Joon? Here are some of them in case you’re a cat lover.

7. What makes a great actor? Integrity

If Seo Kang Joon heard the quote, “If only the best birds sang, the forest would be silent,” he’d agree. He doesn’t believe one is born an actor. “It’s not only the talented who perform well. The willingness to perform is the most important.”

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