Here are five mothers you should get to know right away! Why they are the best moms in the world of K-drama? Take a look!

1. Call Me Mother


Call Me Mother

Starring Lee Bo Young and Lee Jae Yoon

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Bird observer Soo JIn (Lee Bo Young) joins an elementary school as a substitute teacher. She's good at her job and generally kind, but she isn't exactly the motherly type, so she isn't particularly invested in the lives of her students. That is, until she meets someone special. Hye Na (Heo Yool) is a sweet girl and full of life, able to brighten her teachers' day. Soo Jin grows fond of Hye Na, but notices something strange about Hye Na's relationship with her guardian, Ja Young (Go Sung Hee).

2. Mrs. Cop

After long and grueling hours immersed in brutal crime investigations, lead detective Choi Young Jin (Kim Hee Ae) must face the particular horrors of singlehandedly raising her daughter Ha Eun. Any way you look at it, Young Jin's got her work cut out for her, but it's only a matter of time before her professional and personal worlds collide in new and disastrous ways.

3. Dear Mom

The Li family was blessed with not one, but four beloved daughters, and though they've all grown up and gone their own ways, these four sisters — Li Lian Qing (Hong Xiao Ling), Li Yi Wan (Joanne Tseng), Li Qing Qing (Xiao Xun) and Li Xiao Xi (Fangzhi You) — find themselves reconnecting under the same household once again. From surviving divorce to navigating careers and college, there isn't anything the four Li sisters can't work out together in this heartwarming drama about modern family life.

4. Thank You

Dr. Min Ki Seo is a brilliant, successful surgeon, but when his girlfriend develops pancreatic cancer and dies suddenly, he cannot bear to continue with his career. Worried about his well-being, his mother sends him to work on a small island, where he meets a woman named Lee Young Shin, who causes him to remember his lover's dying wish: to find a little girl who was accidentally infected with the HIV virus under her care, and make amends. Lo and behold, the little girl appears before his eyes in the form of Young Shin's daughter. Dr. Min soon becomes a large part of their lives, and the unlikely friends band together to deal with this unfortunate illness, learning some valuable lessons from one another in the process.

5. Wonderful Mama


Wonderful Mama

Starring Bae Jong Ok and Jung Yoo Mi

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When Alzheimers redefines a real estate guru's golden years, she turns to her family, only to find that her children are not quite responsible enough to take care of her business, or her.

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