Fill up your watchlist and grab your favorite snack! Spring is finally in the air, and we’re here to introduce the shows that best suit the season. These seven titles give off some of the best spring vibes, armed with poetry, romance under cherry blossoms, and happy endings. Check out the list and let us know your favorite one.

1. Evergreen (That Man, Oh Soo)

Modern day Cupid Oh Soo (CNBlue's Jonghyun) helps people fall in love with his magical petal dust. Though Cupid himself isn’t interested in love whatsoever, hopeless romantic Seo Yoo Ri (Kim So Eun) may be the one to change his perspective about love.

2. Spring Has Come

Korean photographer Lee Ji Won (EXO's Kai) travels to Japan and befriends Kishikawa Naoko (Kurashina Kana), a single 31-year-old lingerie saleswoman. Bored at work and home, Nako’s life used to resemble a perpetual winter. But with the sweet photographer’s help, spring has finally come in her life.

3. A Poem a Day

What pairs better with spring cherry blossoms than poetry? Each episode of the “co-medical” drama A Poem a Day introduces two to three poems, inviting us to feel expressive this season. Watch the cast discuss the drama during their press conference.

4. Dalja's Spring

If you’re feeling nostalgic or are in the mood for time travel, check out this 2007 drama. Dal Ja (Chae Rim) is 33 years old, works at a TV shopping channel, and is torn between two men: one who's marriage material and a boy toy. Which one should she choose? Why can’t she have the best of both worlds? Watch Dalja’s Spring to find out!

5. When Spring Comes

If you’re feeling even more old school, this 2004 film stars a hustling trumpet player who moves to a rural village to make ends meet. When Hyun Woo (Choi Min Sik) fails to join the orchestra, he moves to Gangwando to teach middle school music. Though the film is set in winter, it whispers of the warm spring all throughout.

6. That Winter, the Wind Blows

Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo) and Oh Soo (Jo In Sung) blindly fall in love from the moment they meet. It’s really the last episode that reminds us of spring, though we can’t say much about it! Check out this great drama brought to you by screenwriter No Hee Kyung. She and Song Hye Kyo also collaborated on The World That They Live In.

7. My Mister

If you’ve watched it already, you may be wondering why My Mister ended up on this list. It’s so dark and deep that it may be the last thing that reminds you of spring. But it’s a story of a woman and three brothers who gradually help one another get through life with their slivers of optimism and hope which signals spring to us.

Which aforementioned shows are you currently watching? Comment below!

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