Even with their eyes closed, fans of Running Man are able to tell what is happening on camera simply by listening to the audio. Here are the 7 standard theme songs that accompany our favorite stars and add to the hilarity that ensues.

1."Saint Agnes and the Burning Train" - Sting

This song plays when Running Man’s maknae (the youngest person) does something that backfires and when some form of tragedy befalls him. This song is also affectionately known as the “Framer’s National Anthem”.

2."Step By Step" – New Kids on the Block

Always cueing the entrance, or the success, of the nation’s MC, Yoo Jaesuk, this song has also linked him to his persona, Yoo Hyuk, the Running Man dancing legend. The “Grasshopper” has arguably some of the best entrance moments.

3.Various LEESSANG Songs

Either signaling something silly that Gary has done, or moments of affection between the Monday Couple, LEESSANG songs never fail to play on cue. For example, whenever a Jihyo-Gary moment appears, the song “You’re the answer to a guy like me” plays.

4."The House You Live In" – JYP

Race Start! Our Race Starter, Ji Sukjin has this song playing for almost every episode for any situation- from being eliminated first, all the way to being rebuked by people, such as Jackie Chan. The Easy Brothers indeed have very fitting theme songs.

5."What We Need Is A Hero" – Alan Silvestri

Having a very serious and rousing tune to it, it belongs to none other than our Kookie. Perhaps in this situation, let us address him as the "Commander". This song plays once he is seen as having a decisive role in Running Man, such as thundering towards the cowardly Yoo Jaesuk to eliminate him.

6. "Angry Bird" Theme Song

Playing when our only female Running Man member does something silly or when her persona, “Bad Jihyo” appears, this song seeks to bring a cheerful tone to whatever she is doing, even if it has been pulling Kwangsoo’s hair.

7."Perfect Love" – Lutricia McNeal

This song usually signals HaHa’s bad boy moments whenever a female guest appears and he declares them to be his “last love”. However, now that HaHa is married this theme song that used to be played alongside the Pororo theme song has disappeared somewhat.

Now fans hear more of Skull & HaHa’s songs for him.

Which is YOUR favorite Running Man theme song?

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