Healer came to an end this week, and I know many fans are feeling the horrible symptoms of K-drama withdrawal. While we can't bring you more new episodes of Healer, here is a list of some of the best songs from the Healer OST to help ease the pain caused by the end of this fantastic show! 

1. Eternal Love (Michael Learns to Rock)

This song really is the quintessential Healer song. I'm instantly brought back to the show every time I listen to this track. It's a fantastic song for this fantastic drama.

2. What My Eyes Say (Tei)

The chorus gets me every time! I'm definitely guilty of singing along whenever it comes on.

3. When You Hold Me Tight (Yael Meyer)

This upbeat track always brings a smile to my face! The lyrics are perfect for Jung Hoo and Young Shin.

4. Healer 

This may be an instrumental song, but it should still instantly transport you back into the Healer story! I really should add this to my workout playlist so I can try to channel some of Jung Hoo's amazing roof-hopping abilities.

5. Because of You (Just)

I love this emotional ballad. It's a perfect backdrop for the wonderful romance in this series.

6. I Will Protect You (Ji Chang Wook)

This is Ji Chang Wook's contribution to the Healer OST. He lent his charming voice to this great song. Not only is he a fantastic actor, but he's also a talented singer!

7. You by Ben

This song is one of my favorites from the OST. The excellent vocals combined with powerful emotions make a winning combination!  

Which song is your favorite? How are you handling your Healer withdrawal? Please share your thoughts below!

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