Mother's Day is here, and there's no better time to introduce your mom to K-dramas! Not sure what to get her for Mother's Day? Now's your chance to gift her with countless hours of Korean entertainment! Sadly, converting your mom to a K-drama addict is not always an easy task. Luckily I've prepared this handy list help you with your efforts!

I can attest, these worked out well for me. My mom is now 100% addicted to K-dramas!

 1. Start slowly

Drop casual hints about how amazing a drama is that you are watching. You may also want to talk a little about general plot lines and your favorite actors and actresses. You need to expose your mom to the world of dramas, but not force her into it against her will.

2. Strike at the right moment

You need to catch your mom at a time where she isn't overwhelmed or super busy. If you hear her say things like "I don't know what to do tonight" or "There's nothing good on TV," that's your chance! 

3. Use the power of music

Subtly play drama OSTs and K-pop whenever you are in the car together or around the house. It's all about slowly exposing her to the greatness that is to come. 

4. Emphasize that you don't spend enough time together

This one should play right to your mom's heart! I know this was a big factor in getting my own mom to starting watching dramas with me. Be sure to point out that watching these shows will strengthen your mother-daughter bond. Having your mom as a drama buddy is fantastic!

5. Show off the eye candy

Who can resist chocolate abs?! You may even want to try to change her desktop and screensaver to hot Korean actors and actresses.

And hopefully she'll soon be saying:

6. Take your mom out for Korean food

Now's your chance to show off the amazing knowledge that you've learned from your countless hours of drama watching! You need to help your mom understand that watching dramas is much more than a fun form of entertainment — you are actually continually learning about another culture and language!

7. Strike a deal

Is your room a little messy? Does your mom want you to help out more around the house? Now's your chance to make her happy in exchange for watching a drama or a Korean movie. Give-and-take is a great method!

8. Use your birthday, graduation, or Christmas to your advantage. 

Instead of a new electronic gadget, why not ask for your mom to watch a K-drama with you as a present? It's a much cheaper and more attractive gift option!

9. Watch a drama!

You've made it. Your subtle ploys and constant begging has finally worn your mom down! Two dramas that I highly recommend to start your mom off with are Coffee Prince and My Love from Another Star! They both worked like magic when converting my own mother.

Get your mom hooked on K-dramas with My Love from Another Star:

Also, if your mom is worried about the time commitment needed for dramas, you may want to start with Korean movies and then work your way up. Check out this excellent list of Mother's Day movie recommendations

Have you tried to convert your mother to K-dramas? Have you been successful? Are you going to try out these steps? Please share your thoughts below!

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