When the new mini-series of Sense and Sensibility was released in 2008, its popularity was fired up by the scriptwriter Andrew Davies's emphasis on "youth and passion," as well as by the hot and talented actor Dominic Cooper. Let's take a look at some amazing roles played by the London-born actor who has fanned his flame on screen and awed his fans.

1. Wearing delicious abs in Mama Mia!

2. Dressed as a double for Saddam Houssein's son Uday in The Devil's Double.  (I know, what a strange role!) He was nominated for Best Actor at the Saturn Award.

3. As Howard Stark in Captain America: First Avenger:

4. As a district attorney with a dark secret in Reasonable Doubt:

5. As Henry Sturges, the mentor in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. (This is not exactly modern, but don't you love his look with the shades?)

6. Playing the fascinating Ian Fleming in Fleming, about the man behind the world's most famous spy, James Bond:

7. One more for Ian Fleming because he looks so handsome in uniform:

Dominic Cooper's ability to portray complex characters has made him a formidable actor on the rise. When you see him as Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility, you can tell his future would never be the same after playing the role of an imperfect man with finesse.

Which photo is your favorite? Watch Dominic Cooper in Sense and Sensibility:

~ NancyZdramaland

Source and images via 12345