KCON, America's biggest festival for K-Pop, happens each August ,and each year those who can't attend experience a wide range of emotions. We've all been there. ...You find out the date and ticket information and you get so excited thinking you can finally make it this year! Woo! But then the realization sets in that you live halfway across the country and your bank account is screaming at you for even thinking that you can go. Listed below are just a few things that all of us fans who can't go will be doing, thinking, or feeling come that sad weekend in August.

1. Crying about how much you wish you were seeing G-Dragon and Girls Generation right now (or any of the other amazing acts!).

2. Crying about how you wish you could meet some of your idols and even make so many new K-Pop friends.

3. Just crying.

4. Eating your feelings while watching your favorite groups' music videos.

5. Trying to feel happy again by watching funny videos of your bias.

6. Overloading on K-Dramas to keep you distracted.

7. Finally after you have done these, watching all of the fancams and official KCON videos and interviews is sure to follow.

I'm still freaking out about last's year collab performance of G-Dragon and Missy Elliot!

So let's all of us K-Pop fans who can't attend KCON this year band together and fight off the sadness together. One cute video of our bias at a time! And here's to next year!

If you can attend KCON in LA, make sure to buy your tickets now! DramaFever will be covering all the events at KCON, so stay tuned for photos and videos of the event you can only find here!