Are you ready for Big Bang's comeback?! It's been almost three years since their repackaged album Still Alive came out in June 2012, and I know I'm not alone in anxiously waiting for their return! To help ease the pain until their album release date, I've put together a list of elements that I sincerely hope are part of their new album. 

1. A Super Catchy Title Track

Over the years, Big Bang has released hit after hit. Songs including Haru HaruTonightLove Song, and Fantastic Baby have captured the attention and love from fans around the world. I have full faith that their newest album will contain some super catchy tracks. While I love their hit "Fantastic Baby," I CAN'T WAIT to have a new song to blast on repeat! Let's hope this new album includes multiple hits just like their last album Alive! There better also be some magnificent music videos to go with them!

2. At Least One Crazy Hairstyle

It's not a Bang Bang comeback without at least one ridiculous hairstyle! The real question is whose turn will it be? I'd love to see Seungri try out something new!

Also, Taeyang please please please bring back your sexy feaux hawk!

3. A Fantastic T.O.P Solo

Can we talk about how fantastic T.O.P is? Not only is he unbelievably gorgeous, but he also has a magical voice, especially when he raps. I sincerely hope this new album will remind us all just how unbelievably fast T.O.P can rap. Let's not just reserve his awesome skills for his solo projects!

In case you need a reminder, be sure to check out T.O.P's awesome "Doom Dada" video!

4. G-Dragon Being Awesome

What's not to love about Big Bang's leader G-Dragon? I'm sure no matter what the theme for their comeback, G-Dragon will impress us as always. He loves to push the boundaries in both music and fashion, and I can't wait to see what he has in store for us!

5. Taeyang Goes Shirtless

Out of all my requests, this might be the one most likely to be fulfilled. A girl can dream, right?

6. A Cameo Appearance by 2NE1

Is it too much to hope for another collaboration like"Lollipop"? I know CL will be busy with her debut in America, but I would pay big money to have a these two groups do another song together!

And speaking of Lollipop, can we please get a dance practice video just as awesome as this one?

Be sure to look out for Daesung's "casual" method of standing up!

7. Plenty of Quirky Behind-the-Scenes Footage

One of the things I am most looking forward to about Big Bang's comeback (besides the awesome music of course) is just having all five of the members back in the spotlight at the same time. They've all been so busy lately with their individual projects, and I sincerely miss their antics when they are all together. I hope the new promotions will give us countless new hours of entertainment!

8. An Epic World Tour

Get your light sticks ready! Not only is Big Bang's music fantastic, but they also put on an unbelievable live performance! I really, really can't wait for them to go on tour as a group again!

9. Something Totally Surprising

One of the best things about Big Bang is that they never fail to surprise their fans. I may have this wish list, but who knows what their actual comeback will entail? All we can do is sit back and hope that the newest album comes out soon! We've waited long enough!

We'll know on April 1st just who will be the next artist up to release music from YG Entertainment! My fingers are crossed that it will be Big Bang... Let the countdown begin!

Are you also excited for Big Bang's comeback? What else do you want to see as part of their latest album? What are you looking forward to the most?

Please share your thoughts below!

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