Oh My Ghostess screams everything that's not the traditional romantic comedy K-drama we know. Lustful Park Bo Young, who's possessed by the virgin ghostess Kim Seul Gi, wants some action from hot looking Jo Jung Suk, who's just too stubborn for her needs. Here are 9 things you didn't know about the amazing casts of Oh My Ghostess. Take a look!

1. Park Bo Young filmed her first kiss scene with Jo Jung Suk

Her kiss scene with Jo Jung Suk on Oh My Ghostess was her first ever.

"I've never filmed a kiss scene in my life. This one with Jo Jung Suk was my first. He was so considerate," she said, "I haven't told my parents yet. They'll be very surprised," 

2. Jo Jung Suk is dating Gummy

Jo Jung Suk's been dating beautiful, talented ballad singer Gummy, who's a year younger than him, since 2013. They share the same passion for music.

3. Park Bo Young calls Lee Min Ho "oppa~"

Park Bo Young and Lee Min Ho debuted with a 2006 drama Secret Campus, and starred on two other dramas together. 

Park Bo Young called him "oppa" at the 2011 Blue Dragon Film Awards where the two presented an award, and quickly corrected herself after realizing they were in public, which just makes us wonder how close they must be in private! See it for yourself in this video:

4. Kim Seul Ki debuted as a comedienne

You probably knew this one because she's so hilarious. Before Kim Seul Ki was an actress, she was the main face of SNL Korea, popular for her Teletubby role. 

5Lee Kwang Soo, SHINee Key, BEAST Yong Jun Hyung all picked Park Bo Young as their ideal girlfriend

BEAST Yong Jun Hyung and Park Bo Young played a lovely couple in a music video from BEAST's first album Fiction and Fact.

6. Jo Jung Suk finds it hard to film with Park Bo Young who's just too cute

Jo Jung Suk says it's very hard not to smile when filming with Park Bo Young, adding, "Ms. Park Bo Young is so cute."

7. Park Bo Young is a natural beauty 

She's a natural beauty who's never had plastic surgery.

Park Bo Young doesn't think she's pretty, though. At an interview in 2011 she said, "My face isn't pretty so I try to do well in acting."

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8. Jo Jung Suk originally wanted to be a classical guitarist

He wanted to major in guitar performance, but instead went to Seoul Arts College. There are many scenes of him playing the guitar in dramas and films, including Oh My Ghostess.

9. Park Bo Young sang Oh My Ghostess's OST

Talented actress Park Bo Young sang soundtrack of many dramas and films she's worked on, including A Werewolf Boy and Hot Young Bloods.

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