Celebrities don’t like to talk about their significant others, but perhaps a story about an old love is the exception.  Doctor Crush’s heartthrob, Kim Rae Won, spilled the beans on his first love in a talk show back in 2013. In the show, he shared what they did on dates, how much he had liked her, and that she's a mother of one now. Not so surprisingly, after the show had aired, the fans deduced who she was! Scroll down to reveal Kim Rae Won’s first love!

1. Kim Rae Won’s first love is an actress

“I met a beautiful, bubbly woman when I was 18 and introverted,” Kim Rae Won started his story on first love. “I met her on the filming set of a drama. She was an actress … I was a religious, conscientious lover.”

2. She asked him out first

She asked him out first, which led to a year-and-a-half-long relationship.

Kim Rae Won said she wrote him a poem that went like this: “Life is a long chair. Some sit for awhile and leave, and others stay for a long time. I wish you wouldn’t leave my chair.”

3. He took her home every day

Kim Rae Won reminisced that it seemed as if she was the only person in the world. “She lived in Bundang, which had nothing but rice fields back then,” Kim Rae Won said. “I got on the subway to take her home every day. It took me 3 hours roundtrip. I did it for a year-and-a-half.”

4. She dumped him

This happened when she was in college and he still in high school (she was a year older than him). “We were on the bus when she received a message on her pager from another man,” Kim Rae Won remembered. “I asked who he was, and she got so scared that she couldn’t say anything.” He said they broke up soon after, saying, “A lot of men must have asked her out since she’s so pretty and charming.”

5. After that, he tried killing himself

“I was so, so hurt,” Kim Rae Won said. “I was so hurt that I wanted to die. I fell in the Han River once. It was in November and so cold that I crawled back out right away. I felt so terrible.”

6 All that is left of his first love is good memories

“When I was 19, I thought I couldn’t go on anymore. Now that time has passed, it’s nothing,” Kim Rae Won said. “Now I thank her. (First love) doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just a pretty, precious memory from my childhood.”

Kim Rae Won also clarified that she’s just his first love and not someone he still has feelings for. “Even if [the fans] find out about her, this happened so long ago that it’s just a childhood memory,” Kim Rae Won explained. “Because it happened so long ago, if she hears this story now, it would be insignificant to her.”

7. So who is she?

Based on the hints he had dropped on the talk show, (she’s an actress, a year older than him, they filmed together when he was 18, had lived in Bundang, and she’s a mother of one now) fans have deduced that it’s actress  Lee Yo Won!

Is he seeing someone now? Kim Rae Won said in a 2015 interview that he’s been seeing a non-celebrity woman since Gangnam Blues but that they’re not official. We wonder if he’s still seeing her!

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