Admit it! After watching K-dramas like Secret Garden, Boys Over Flowers, Lie to Me, and Jeju Island Gatsby, which were all filmed on Jeju lsland, you have envisioned an elaborate fantasy where you jet off on a romantic Jeju Island vacation with a hot oppa! While I can't guarantee that you will meet a rich chaebol while there, I can guarantee that you will have an amazing time on Jeju Island if you do these 7 things!  

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1. Stop to buy fresh fruit at a tangerine grove.

One of Jeju's biggest agricultural exports to mainland Korea is tangerines, and as you drive the windy roads along the coast, you're sure to pass many beautiful orchards with ajummas selling their crops at roadside stands while their Korean jindo dogs (some with angry eyebrows drawn on) keep guard. Stop and grab a bag to eat along the way, and you won't regret it! Be sure to pick up some tangerine chocolates for friends and family back home while you're at it. 

2. Hike the waterfall trail at Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls.

For a moderate hike with massive rewards, be sure to visit Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls on Jeju. The surrounding gardens with beautiful bridges and Buddhist shrines are a site in and of themselves, so make sure to allow plenty of time to wander and soak it in.  

3. Take a romantic stroll on the white sand beaches.

Jeju Island is surrounded by the most beautiful, clear turquoise water offset by black volcanic rock cliffs and white sand. Even if you take a relaxing walk on the beach by yourself, or are surrounded by friends, there's a beautiful feeling of romance. 

4. Eat special Jeju Island 5-layer black pork BQQ and fresh seafood.

Jeju Island is known for their delicious fresh seafood and 5-layer pork that is unique to the island. You must try seafood hotpot, sea bream, and abalone porridge to get the full experience! 

5. Visit K-drama sites, of course!

Like  Boys Over Flowers and Secret Garden at Seaes Hotel & Resort,

Jeju Island Gatsby at Cafe 봄날,

Boys Over Flowers, Legend of the Blue Sea, and Queen In Hyun's Man at Mint Restaurant (Glass House),

and  Architecture 101 at Cafe De Seoyeon.

6. Take in the glorious black volcanic rock forms at Jusangjeolli Cliff.

When Jeju Island was formed by an eruption of lava, it left behind the most beautiful black rocks and cliffs. The best example is Jusangjeolli Cliff, which has a lovely little walk to some stunning sights. 

7. And finally, peek around to see if you can spot your favorite actors filming a new drama! 

Or maybe even run into that hot oppa of your dreams...

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Which of these things do you want to do on your beautiful Jeju Island vacation? 

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