Are you hyped about the upcoming K-drama Producer? If not, we have all the reasons you should be. Producer is K-drama writer Park Ji Eun's newest work since the hit drama My Love from Another Star (2014), and her second collaboration with actor Kim Soo Hyun. In addition, star cast members like Gong Hyo Jin and IU will film with him. Scroll down to read more about the Producer cast!

1. Cha Tae Hyun, one of the four main leads, is the guy who filmed the legendary romantic comedy My Sassy Girl with Jeon Ji Hyun back in 2001

Now he's a father of three adorable kids.

2. Gong Hyo Jin’s nickname is "queen of romantic comedy" because she’s filmed with A list actors like So Ji Sub (Master’s Sun) and Jo In Sung (It's Okay That's Love)

Her other nickname is Gong-vly, a compound word of her last name and the word lovely.

3. IU (pronounced ai-yoo) is a K-pop idol-turned actress. Her currently most popular song is Good Day.

She's also known for her collection of remade trot songs (American equivalent of country). Her debut K-drama was Dream High (2011). Since then she's filmed You're the Best Lee Soon Shin with Jo Jung Suk and Pretty Man with Jang Geun Suk and is acclaimed as one of the most qualified actresses from the K-pop world.

4. Although Kim Jong Kook filmed many reality-variety shows, Producer is his first drama

Kim Jong Kook is known for his roles in Running Man, Family Outing and other reality-variety shows. However, this is his first time trying his luck in acting.

5. Producer is Kim Soo Hyun and IU’s second collaboration since Dream High

The actors are being reunited from the 2011 high school musical drama Dream High, where Kim Soo Hyun played a dorky character who's in love with Suzy, and IU played a girl traumatized from her fat days. Her fat makeup in the first few episodes of Dream High took over 4 hours to complete and cost $60,000 per episode. 

Catch an episode of Dream High with DramaFever:

6. IU is best friends with Miss A's Suzy

IU (born 1993) and Suzy (born 1994) are best friends in the K-pop world, and Suzy endearingly calls IU unni whenever they hang out. Here they are playing with a watermelon seed on IU's wrist (left), which looks like Suzy's mole on her wrist (right).

7. Gong Hyo Jin dated actor Ryoo Seung Bum for 10 years

And they were called Korea's power couple while they lasted. They broke up their 10-year-long relationship in 2012.

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