Gorgeous actors Kim Bum and Yoon So Yi collaborated on spy drama Hidden Identity, where the two detectives disguise their identity in their seemingly ordinary lives, all the while standing against violent crimes. Here we’ve come up with 7 things you didn’t know about two beautiful actors. Take a look!

1. Yoon So Yi's first kiss was with Kim Rae Won

She debuted as an actress in high school and had her first kiss with Gangnam BluesKim Rae Won in the 2004 drama Say You Love Me. She said for her first kiss she couldn't do anything because she was so nervous, adding, "Rae Won oppa led the scene and I followed along. It took us two hours and a half to film the kiss scene." Click here to find out more about Kim Rae Won! 

2. Kim Bum gives 3 reasons for not having a girlfriend

When he was 20, he said in an interview he has no time, he’s not confident he’ll be a good boyfriend, and he’s afraid the relationship will end in a disaster. We hope he’s overcome some of these fears after dating actress Moon Geun Young briefly in 2013.

3. Kim Bum is four years younger than Yoon So Yi

Kim Bum (born 1989), who has been a “noona’s love” in The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry and Boys Over Flowers, is four years younger than his partner in crime Yoon So Yi (born 1985). We can't wait to see how their romance will unravel on Hidden Identity!

4. Yoon So Yi and Park Shin Hye are friends 

Park Shin Hye and Yoon So Yi starred on the show Flirty Boy and Girl and talked about their need for a boyfriend.

5. Kim Bum used to have a steamy bromance

…with his best friend Lee Min Ho, played by actor Kim Hye Sung, on Unstoppable High Kick!

6. Yoon So Yi is tall and gorgeous

She's 5' 8" and has a glamorous figure. We wouldn't be surprised to see her on the next Victoria's Secret catwalk! Click here for more photos.

7. Kim Bum looks like a different person with a mustache

Doesn't he?

8. Yoon So Yi has healthy perspective on plastic surgery

Yoon So Yi says she's consulted a plastic surgeon about her squared jaw, who quoted her the fortune of $2,500! She gave up plastic surgery after realizing she can't be prettier than her beautiful actress friends and needs to find another way to stand out from the crowd. 

9. Kim Bum starred in That Winter, the Wind Blows

He was one of the four main leads on the drama as Jo In Sung's best friend whom he met in jail. Kim Bum's first main role on TV was on the sitcom Unstoppable High Kick.

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