The highly anticipated drama Producer will air exclusively on DramaFever on May 8th, and while we nervously wait for the grand premiere, we wanted to share a little bit about the lead actress IU. Known by K-drama lovers for her role in Dream High, IU is also a popular singer/songwriter adored by people of all generations in Korea. Let's take a look!

1. IU worked hard to overcome a poor background and reach stardom 

IU’s family wealth declined when she was younger and the family lived in a small one bedroom place for a year, where cockroaches roamed frequently.

IU, her younger brother and grandmother moved to a cousin’s place, and the cousin disparaged her family by saying things like, “When are you guys leaving?”, "A young girl wants to be a clown, not a student,” and “I’d be a millionaire before she becomes a celebrity.” IU decided to succeed as a singer after hearing this, she said in an interview in December 2011.

She failed an audition at JYP but got into Loen Entertainment, and debuted September 2007 at age 15.

She rose to stardom with songs like Nagging and Good Day. In 2011, her salary was over ten million dollars.

2. She is a fool for her fans 

She once held a fan's hand to protect her from a car passing by.

A student fan who spotted IU at a restaurant said she gladly welcomed her and gave her an autograph telling her to stay healthy and study hard.

IU always says hi to fans when she sees them.

3. She’s also a fool for her brother

IU posted two pictures of her younger brother Hoon in different outfits on her fan site. Many fans gave good advice in the comments.

Hoon’s friend saw the pictures and told him. Hoon got angry, telling her that now he could’t wear any of those clothes tomorrow.

Timid IU got scolded and deleted the pictures.

4. She is best friends with Suzy

Suzy's younger brother in an interview said he's a fan of IU. IU has told her fans that her younger brother is a fan of Girls' Generation Jessica.  See also number six here.

Watch Dream High, the romantic comedy high school musical starring IU, Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy!

5. She's a grown-up inside

"IU is so thoughtful and more mature than me, although she's 11 years younger. She is my soulmate, friend and younger sister. I can compliment her for hours. I still haven’t found IU’s flaws,” her best friend actress Yoo In Na said. Many celebrities complement IU's mature personality. Her considerate nature has attracted a lot of uncle and aunt fans to her. 

6. She's been rumored to date Super Junior Eunhyuk 

On Nov. 10, 2012, a mysterious picture was uploaded on IU’s Twitter. In the picture were IU in pajamas and shirtless Eunhyuk. She deleted the photo shortly after, but suffered from the relationship rumors by reporters and TV show hosts for a long time.

In August 2013, she was rumored to date actor Lee Hyun Woo after a picture went viral of the two in a movie theater. Her agency explained that they're just friends, saying her manager was there too.

7. Korean fans thought she was high in this video

And they loved it so much that they made a parody, "IU appears in Star Wars."

Is there anything you didn't know about IU? Anything you already knew? Tell us in the comments below!

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