If Doctor Crush is crushing your heart every Monday and Tuesday, and you want to know every single detail about its gorgeous cast, then you've come to the right place. Scroll down to reveal 7 sweet facts about the Doctor Crush cast!

1. Kim Rae Won was Song Hye Gyo’s boyfriend in the classic 1998 sitcom Soonpoong Clinic.

There’s an episode where Song Hye Kyo’s dad gets angry at her for kissing Kim Rae Won in front of the house. The part where he begs her father for his permission to date her is priceless.

2. Park Shin Hye wanted to become a police officer when she was younger.

She dreamed of becoming a police officer after a thief broke into her family's house. She's also said that she likes uniforms and wants to wear a police officer uniform!

3. Park Shin Hyes nickname used to be BoA of Dream Factory.

When Shin Hye was an apprentice at Dream Factory, which is singer Lee Seung Hwan’s agency, she was originally trained to become a singer—until she landed the role in Stairway to Heaven. Shin Hye is still talented in singing and dancing. Did you see her sexy dance on a recent episode of Running Man?

4. Lee Sung Kyung is also a talented singer.

Lee Sung Kyung of Cheese in the Trap is, like her Doctor Crush frenemy Park Shin Hye, a talented singer. Watch her cover Zion T’s Eat in the video above.

5. Lee Sung Kyungs Christian parents named her "The Bible."

Her parents wanted her to live a Christian life and named her "The Bible" in Korean. As if to reflect the meaning of her name, her Instagram username is @heybiblee.

6. Yoon Kyoon Sang has filmed with Shin Hye before.

Do you recognize him from somewhere? You’re correct! Yoon Kyoon Sang (Ki Jae Myung) was Lee Jong Seok’s (Ki Ha Myung/Choi Dal Po) older brother in Pinocchio.

7. Flower boy Ji Soo is friends with other equally cute flower boys!

Ji Soo, who stars as Yoo Hye Jung’s (Park Shin Hye) high school boyfriend, is friends with Ryoo Joon Yeol, Nam Joo Hyuk, Byun Yo Han, and Soo Ho in real life!

Which Doctor Crush facts are you most surprised to hear? Share with us in the comments below!


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