If your heart flutters at the thought of watching the next episode of Uncontrollably Fond, and if you're dying to know every single detail about its gorgeous cast, you've come to the right place. Scroll down to reveal 7 sweet facts about the cast of Uncontrollably Fond!

1. Song Joong Ki and Im Ju Hwan are best friends, and they go way back

Descendants of the Sun actor Song Joong Ki sent Im Ju Hwan off to the military (bottom left), and Im Joo Hwan did the same for Song Joong Ki with a meal (top left). The twinsies have been friends since their early twenties (bottom right), and they've traveled to the beach with JYJ's Jaejoong (top left)!

Im Joo Hwan and Song Joong Ki became friends on the set of A Frozen Flower. Im Joo Hwan has starred in The Technicians with Kim Woo Bin, and in Oh My Ghostess as Jo Jung Suk's brother-in-law.

2. Kim Woo Bin and his gorgeous model friends suited up for his sister's graduation 

Kim Woo Bin surprised his younger sister at her high school graduation by showing up with his gorgeous model friends, all wearing a black suit! What's more, the sister's high school happened to be an all-girls school. Can you imagine the heat Kim Woo Bin and his friends must have generated? I can't.

Kim Woo Bin and his sister are three years apart.

3. Kim Woo Bin's very protective, but he'd let Kang Min Hyuk marry his sister

Kim Woo Bin is very protective of his younger sister, but he wouldn't mind his Heirs costar, Kang Min Hyuk, marrying her! 

When he was asked to pick someone as his potential brother-in-law, Kim Woo Bin picked Yoon Chan Young (Kang Min Hyuk). "I liked the way Yoon Chan Young, Kang Min Hyuk's character [in Heirs], treated girls," Kim Woo Bin explained.

4. Suzy is the most popular K-pop girl group member

After shocking us with huge dating news last year, Suzy has never failed to surprise us with her beauty, talent and aegyo. (Check out how to #takeaselfies like Suzy here)

Suzy's Instagram has a higher number of followers than any other female K-pop stars. Currently it’s at the 4 million mark. On Instagram and Twitter, she goes by a cute nickname, 숮이, which sounds the same as her real name. (It's just a cute way to spell it!)

5. Im Joo Eun competed against 1,000 girls to make her debut 

What are the odds? Im Joo Eun got her debut through the 2009 MBC series Hon. Her role as the lead actress had been auditioned by 1,058 other girls. If you're into murder mysteries, check out Hon, starring Lee Seo Jin and Im Joo Eun. It has a 7.1 rating on IMDb.

Additionally, Im Joo Eun had a brief stint in Heirs as Jeon Hyun Joo, a sad character who had to watch her love, Kim Won (Choi Jin Hyuk), pursue another girl, Yoo Rahel (Kim Ji Won).

6. Suzy got her first gig at 15

In case you didn’t know, Suzy’s first gig was modeling for an online boutique. See the adorable photos from her fashion model days here.

7. Kim Woo Bin has faked friendship with IU

Kim Woo Bin lied and said he was best friends with IU once, and here's why he did it.

"My elementary school student cousin, who's an IU fan, changes his friend's name on the phone to 'IU' just so that he can have lunch with IU," Kim Woo Bin said. "He didn't believe me at first [that I'm friends with IU]. When I showed him her number, his eyes widened. I promised I'd get him her autograph if his grades went up. I've already arranged with IU's real friend to get him that autograph."

Isn't that cute?!

Which facts surprised you the most? Anything else we should know about the cast of Uncontrollably Fond? Share with us in the comments below! Also, if you enjoyed this list, check out 7 Ways to savor Uncontrollably Fond and 7 Things you didn’t know about the cast of Doctor Crush!


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