With a name like Block B, short for Blockbuster, you have to have the style and confidence to throw down. The boys have proven they can rock any concept, but at the heart of it all they are all about having fun, which had earned them the title “the kings of derp” from fans. The group has come to the states for their first U.S. showcase tour with a successful stop in New York City on Sunday and upcoming stops in Washington D.C. (6/24), and Miami (6/27). Without further ado, here are seven times Block B has lived up to their name:

1.The time someone decided they should debut in yellow & olive drab outfits and they still managed to pull it off.

Seriously, who decided this color combination was a good idea? And with 5/7th having red toned hair? Still in good spirits, the boys managed to rock outfits that no one should have had to endure. In case you are just meeting the group, above you have B-Bomb, Kyung, Zico, Jaehyo, P.O, U-Kwon, and Taeil.

2. The time they were the best looking pirates I have ever seen.

The music video concept for their single ‘Nillili Mambo’ had the boys sporting two different modern day, Bohemian-esque pirate looks, and it was awesome.

3. The time they wore coats that made them look like gorillas, but it didn’t matter.

Leader Zico has a thing for fur coats, but it was taken to a new level when all of the members were rocking them during their ‘Nalina’ music video. In fact, there is even a dance version of the M/V called the “Gorilla Dance version” where, oddly, they don’t wear the coats at all.

4. The time they made hoodies look like the most comfortable thing in the world.

Who wants to wear concept clothes all the time? The boys were totally comfortable in black jeans with matching group hoodies. They look adorable!

5. The time they were extremely dapper in suits.

Sure they are full of fun, but Block B can do serious… and they’re good at it! (Also, every time I see this picture I think of that line from Zoolander about being “ridiculously good looking.”)

6. The time they decided to be a little bit rock and roll.

Lots of black? Check. Leather? Check. Metal studs? Check. Cohesive concept while still keeping individual style? Perfect.

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7. The time Ceci embraced their craziness and made it an official magazine photo shoot.

Circus clowns, pirates, bank robbers, getting beaten up by gangsters… there really isn’t much that Block B hasn’t done, so when Ceci magazine decided to include the group, they let them take their crazy to a whole new level during the “Devil’s Holiday” photo shoot. Personally, I’m a fan.

8. Bonus Reason: They really are the kings of derp.

They seriously love to make funny faces and they do it all the time. You can find these gems in music videos, during music and variety programs, or just when they are taking selcas. I’m a fan.

There are still tickets available for their showcase tour, all of which come with hi-touch passes to meet the group, or you can go for the slightly more expensive VVIP which includes fansign and hi-touch! Check out availability HERE.

If you were at the NY show, I hope you had as much fun as I did. For those in DC, I'll see you tomorrow! Stay tuned for our concert coverage from the New York and DC stops for this tour. I hope to see you at the shows! Let me know what you think about the group and if you will be going to see them in the comments below or send me a tweet @Hallyu_Tanya!