When it comes to chocolate cravings — chocolate ab cravings to be more specific — the thirst is real, and the only thing that can truly quench it is to indulge in just a little. Well, I don't know if you're aware but actor and SHINee member Choi Min Ho of new drama Because It's the First Time has chocolate abs for days, and I thought I'd give you a taste with these 7 delicious bites.

1. For your first taste, here's a yummy chocolate ab roll!


2. And for your second taste, here's a chocolate ab thrust, served two ways. 

3. Here's a tasty sample of Minho chocolate abs in To The Beautiful You.

4. And a quadruple zoomed in chocolate ab souffle. 

5. A little dash of chocolate abs goes a long way...

6. Tada! A slice of chocolate abs for everyone!


7. And finally, a rapid-fire chocolate ab round to end our meal!  

Thanks for the treat, Minho! It's so good to see you back in Because It's the First Time. We'll be waiting patiently for our dessert in your new drama too!