While many have tried, few have succeeded in bringing Jane Austen's classic brooding hero Mr. Darcy to life like Colin Firth has. If the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice was your first, there's simply nothing that can beat it, and that's largely due to Colin Firth's commanding performance (not to mention his dashing good looks). Here are 7 times Colin Firth perfectly nailed the character Mr. Darcy, proving that no other actor can even compete!

1.When he walked around the room sizing everyone up and determining that they did not meet his requirements. No one can make a condescending and disapproving face quite like Colin Firth! 

2. When he had the perfect smug face and disdainful demeanor that are mandatory when Mr. Darcy first slights Elizabeth. 

3. When he manages to be the perfect combination of prideful yet intrigued after Elizabeth is not impressed with his slight advances.  

4. When he's not sure whether to be scandalized by Elizabeth's flippant personality or completely in love with her. (His smirk at the end of the clip subtly gives his true feelings away.)

5. When he iconically rises up out of the water wearing that see-through white shirt. (This is the true moment he cemented himself as the ultimate Mr. Darcy!)

6. When Mr. Darcy finally confesses his love to Elizabeth in the worst possible way, and Colin Firth makes you love him, hate him, feel bad for him, and find him super sexy all at the same time. 

7. When Mr. Darcy shows his soft and loving side around his younger sister, and Colin Firth totally makes it believable that there is more to Mr. Darcy than meets the eye.

8. When Mr. Darcy rushes to rescue Elizabeth's family from shame and ruin, and it makes you wish you had a tragic excuse for Colin Firth to rescue you.

9. When he finally passionately kisses Elizabeth, and it takes your breath away as well!

There you have it — no other actor will ever be able to be a better Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth was in the BBC 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice! Watch it now on DramaFever: