British actor Colin Firth isn't young, muscular, or exceptionally good looking. But he still gets sexier with age (think George Clooney). Here are 7 times Colin Firth was irresistibly sexy. Take a look!

1. When he was younger

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Serious boyfriend material. Don't you think?!

2. "I was meant to be wearing nothing!” - Pride and Prejudice

In January, Colin Firth revisited this popular scene of Mr. Darcy (Firth) walking out of lake wearing a wet shirt in Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice. He said it didn't happen because of "BBC and me being a bit prudish."

3. "I think my wife finds the whole sex symbol thing rather amusing”

The actor said in an 2011 interview, adding, "She knows me as the man who doesn’t pick up his socks, can be unshaven, and all of that." Colin Firth and Italian film producer Livia Giuggioli have two sons, Luca, 13, and Mateo, 11. 

4. "I remember seeing her through this crowd of people and just knowing I had to get to her"

Colin and Livia met while both working the mini-series Nostromo. Just like his character Jamie from Love Actually, who learned Portuguese for the woman he loved, Colin learned Italian when he fell in love with Livia. He says, "I struggle with Italian but the children are perfectly ­fluent, so they think my attempts to speak it are highly funny."

5. When he speaks that British accent

Just watch him deliver his Oscar acceptance speech.

6. "Manners maketh man” - Kingsmen

Quoting William Horman, Harry Hart (Firth) says to the bullies, "Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means? Then let me teach you a lesson," right before the famous bar fight scene.

7. "A suit is the modern gentleman's armour. And the Kingsman agents are the new knights" - Kingsmen


Doesn't he just look GORGEOUS in a suit?

Check out the actor's sexiest role as Mr. Darcy on Pride and Prejudice!

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